Did Moses learn monothesism while in Egypt?





Yes, from a burning bush, not from Pharaoh. :thumbsup:


I must say that I’ve often wondered whether we picked up some ‘fellow-travelers’ in Egypt, we did seem to get rather formal about religious things and rather smart militarily so perhaps it’s quite possible that we were joined by atenist refugees.


Many recent scholars have wanted to link the Akenaten’s monotheism with the emergence of the monotheism of the Israelites. Certainly, it is the earliest text referring to monotheism, but it really doesn’t say where that idea emerged. My speculation was that Joseph told him (or perhaps his father). While it only leaves 100-150 years until Ramesses II (who has traditionally been the Pharoh associated with Moses), it would otherwise explain a great deal about the persecution that the Israelites received under subsequent Pharohs.



The fact that Egypt underwent a political crisis over montheism at about the time of the Exodus is unlikely to be a coincidence. The Bible reports that Moses was a member of the Egyptian royal family. However we cannot piece together the Egyptian side of the story any further.


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