Did Mother Mary Say She Needed Christ's Forgiveness?

As in for her “sins”? I have heard some claim that. Is there anything in Scripture that even implies that?

Yes, the Magnificat. “My spirit rejoices in God my savior.”

God preserved the Virgin Mary from Original Sin. The saving grace of redemption was bestowed on the BVM at her conception.

This forgiveness was not for personal sin however. It was for the imputed sin of Adam. The BVM was pure and inviolate, never sinning in her entire life.

Mary did not need forgiveness for sins because she is sinless.

She was made sinless by God’s grace - saved before she was conceived - but she never needed to be forgiven. You can’t be forgiven for for a wrong you haven’t done.


Yes, exactly. A better way to say it is that Mary needed a savior, like all of humanity. She rejoiced in God her savior.

I love the Mysteries of God,. We will have sooooo much to learn when we get to Heaven. God Bless, Memaw


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