Did Mother Teresa slight Bill Clinton?

I am a daughter of a Baptist minister married to a Catholic and have gone to a Catholic church since our first son 39 years ago. today at Mass the deacon who was preaching said that mother Teresa refused to shake president Clinton’s hand saying she won’t shake a criminal’s hand who kills many babies. I have never heard or seen this written. I know about her speech at the national breakfast. Please verify and if and if not true how do I approach the deacon about it. It makes Mother Teresa out to be judgmental and intolerant.



While I wouldn’t take issue with a saint refusing to shake hands with a politician who supports abortion, I cannot find any evidence that this incident took place. I don’t think it would necessarily make her “judgmental and intolerant” since she probably would have been doing it to drive home a point. But, as I said, I can’t find any evidence that she did such a thing. There are many false reports of things Mother Teresa supposedly said to President Clinton. Apparently these urban legends are spin offs from her famous speech at the National Prayer Breakfast.

I would also doubt this story because Mother Teresa, while preaching against all sorts of evils, did not slight or spurn any other politician of questionable character and morals.

I would suggest you simply ask the Deacon where he got his information. If its false information you could point that out to him. I doubt he wanted to intentionally include falsehoods in his homily…

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