Did my first readings as a newly trained lector!


Went to Lector training on Wednesday night and did both readings and the responsorial psalm at daily Mass on Friday! :thumbsup:

I did not panic or faint up there, either. ;) Of course, daily Mass ain't that busy. The fainting part may come on that first Sunday with a packed house.

So much has changed since I started acting on these gentle nudges to get more involved. In college, I waited until my last semester to take speech class because I knew how hard it would be to stand up in front of people and speak. It was the one thing I was the most afraid of. Over the years, I turned down numerous attempts to speak at different functions because of being terrified to do so. I also suffered from other types of anxiety attacks- on busy Sundays at Mass, I felt the walls closing in and had to get out of the pew and walk around outside until it was over with.

Seemingly overnight, though, the fears I had left me. One day, I was asked to speak to kids in a school, then my son's Boy Scout Troop, then other occasions and even wound up teaching a CCD class last year. It seemed like the ability to say NO was not in my vocabulary anymore.

I had felt the pull to be more involved for many years and my fears and insecurities made me say "No" each time. One day, God didn't give me the choice and all of these new chapters in my life have opened up. It's so awesome...

Just wanted to share! Have a great weekend!


Sincere congratulations. Most people don’t realise how difficult it can be to stand up in front of everyone and do the readings.My husband was used to lecturing to over a hundred students, but even he found it too challenging.

Well done!


Your parish is blessed to have you:thumbsup:


Congratulations! So glad that God has lead you to a new ministry :smiley:


That’s wonderful! Congratulations. When you are scared of public speaking I can keep you back from many things that may be very rewarding.


Congratulations! I know the feeling! I’ve been doing the readings at my Church for about a year now – in Japanese – and it’s always very intimidating. Lots of practice and making sure to read loudly and clearly helps to dispel some of the nervousness – at least for me.


Great to hear, Eric.


Thanks all- waiting on my turn now for a Sunday!

I appreciate the comments and support!


I’ve been a reader for decades, in several parishes. But each time I move, the first time I read in a new parish is like my very first time: knees knocking, sweating, panicky feeling.


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