Did Oprah Go to the Mikveh for Her New Show?

A misleading title grabbed many people’s attention this week when the JTA published a news brief with the bold header stating “Oprah visits mikvah for new show.” My colleague in Israel, Rabbi Andy Sacks, reposted the news brief on Facebook and wondered allowed: “Now I have heard of going to Mikveh for Taharaat Mishpacha (family purity), before Haggim or Shabbat, for dishes, conversion, etc. But this is a new one on me.”

Well, apparently Oprah did not embrace the Jewish ritual of immersion in a mikveh before launching her new show (that would have made more headlines I’m sure), but she did visit with two Hasidic Jewish families for an upcoming episode and toured a mikveh. The new series, called “Oprah’s Next Chapter,” will premiere in January on her OWN network.


I converted to Judaism as a teen and have been to the mikveh several times. Thanks for posting this.

Hi Surly :),

Re Mikvahs is the water permitted to be heated?

Ours were heated, yes.


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