Did our language come from the Tower of Babel?


The Bible says that God confused the people’s language at Babel because they rebelled against him.

Additional question:

What was mankind’s original language like?

The Bible reports that the first man, Adam, was able to coin new words when he named all the animals and flying creatures.


In mythology the language everyone spoke before the Tower of Babel incident is “the language of the birds.” It was a “perfect divine language.”

But really, we don’t know.

When the languages were confused we have no way of knowing if the original language spoken was lost or became just one of many.

Likewise, because of the way language changes over time (old english has very little to do with modern english) there is very little likelihood that a language we speak today comes from the day the languages were confused.


We have no way to know. However I have always wondered if what the tower of babe.is referring to is not only a specific language but to the ability of humans to understand what each other say/mean. How many times have you said something to someone else who speaks the same language but the other person totally misunderstood, hear something different or misinterpreted what you said. These are only thoughts of mine but there may be a possibility.


We simply don’t know. Back in the old days there was a huge amount of speculation among Jews and Christians about what the ‘Adamic’ language was like. Some simply thought it might be Hebrew, but others were less certain.

From a scientific POV, most of the languages spoken today descend from one or another proto-language. There is of course the idea of a proto-Human language (a single language from which all the languages in the world came from), but this theory is itself controversial: while some advocate that modern human languages all go back to a single common ancestor, others propose that they evolved and developed as several lineages independent of one another (linguistic polygenesis).


I don’t buy the LITERAL interpretation of the Tower of Babel story.


Pax Christi!

According to the 2000-year old man, we spoke Basic Rock.

God bless.


During 4 years of high school Latin, I often thought THAT language came from the infernal regions, not so much Babel.


probably something like the mother language of some of the early “lost” languages.

God bless


There’s no way of knowing. Every living creature has some way of communicating, whether it’s a plant releasing chemicals into the air, or a honeybee signaling in the hive, or a wolf howling to the pack, or a cardinal singing for a mate, or people talking.

But certainly we know English didn’t come from the Tower of Babel.


I think the language spoken by some in our Government may have come from the Tower of Babel (or is that babble):shrug:


There was that song from Godspell (not in the film version though).

So high
In my
Lovely Ivory Tower of Babel
(babble, babble, babble, Babble, babble, babble, babble)
high above the
(rabble, rabble, rabble, Babble, Rabble, babble, babble, rabble, babble)
Greatest mind of history
Solving life’s sweet mystery
So listen to me (so listen to me)
Know how life should be (know how life should be)
Oh, what does it matter if they don’t agree?



Pray for me also. Thanks


The barbaric languages (German, English, Dutch, etc.) may have come or descended from the Tower of Babel. The Protestants and all 20,000 of their denominations certainly love them. :smiley:


Did our language come from the Tower of Babel?

In the case of English, one cannot be blamed for thinking so. :wink:


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