Did Pope Benedict XVI's visit to the U.S. change anything?


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Did the Pope’s visit to the U.S. change anything?

In my part of the world, I think it did.

At my daughter’s bridal shower last weekend, the future sister-in-law pulled me aside and asked me to call her. She is considering converting to Catholicism.

This is quite a miracle, if you ask me.

Second, it seems that there is a little more kindness on this forum. I’ve seen at least two apologies from people who have repented of their past posts. And I’ve seen other people post that they are taking a leave of absence from CAF to work on their spirituality.

It’s subtle, but it’s there. Everything seems more peaceful here.

I noticed it several days ago, but I didn’t attribute it to the Pope’s visit until today. For some reason, it just came into my mind that all of his prayers for us U.S. citizens are very powerful prayers, and God is answering his servant.

Anyone else notice anything?

There is a line in a Sandy Patti song–"Did the earth rejoice to feel You again? (talking about Jesus). I honestly felt that while the Holy Father was here in the U.S., our section of the “earth” rejoiced!


Yes, and will continue to also.


Something I have come to believe over the years is that the one thing only slightly less powerful than God in changing the world is God’s saints. The darker it becomes, the more the light of God shines from these people, drawing others to the source of that light. Benedict XVI (as Cardinal Ratzinger) said as much: “I have often affirmed my conviction that the true apology of Christian faith, the most convincing demonstration of its truth against every denial, are the saints, and the beauty that the faith has generated.”

We can talk about the beauty part another time, since that’s what brought me home. :slight_smile:


IMO I think the “celebraties” factor of the Pope might have given some people a buzz. A feel good factor but no real meaningful impact.

BTW did the Pope clearly proclaim the “gospel”, did he tell desperately needy people that the Lord Jesus died on the cross to save them. Did he tell them the following;

*For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. Romans 6:23



Did you even bother to really listen to anything he said while he was here? I doubt it.


Me too. My very anti-Catholic in-laws are all of a sudden interested in talking about the Catholic Faith. I think it’s a minor (or maybe not so minor) miracle.


Didn’t you listen to him at all?


In another thread, a poster linked to this article:


“A tsunami of of New York seminary applications”

:highprayer: :highprayer: :highprayer:


Would someone be able to post links to the Pope’s homilies and speeches made while he was visiting the U.S.? I am curious myself as to whether he shared the Gospel including Romans 6:23

From what I’ve read of Pope Benedict XVI’s encyclicals, emeraldisle, he is extremely clear that Christians must have a relationship with Jesus in order to be saved. He preaches Jesus like a Baptist minister preaches Jesus!


origin.ewtn.com/USPapalVisit08/index.asp :thumbsup:


Well, read for yourself. Here’s the complete text of the Holy Father’s address to young people. (Courtesy of Father Z’s Blog) Frankly, it’s simply stunning! It’s hard to proclaim the Gospel much stronger than he did…



I think it did.

The Pope demonstrated what true pastoral care looks like. We can only hope those American bishops who prefer the accolades of the press and politicians to the Lord will repent and follow his example.

We can ask for no greater contrast than that between Pope Benedict XVI and Jeremiah Wright—“God bless America” vs. “God D— America”. Can anyone claim the latter is more Christlike than the former?

The more we see the Vicar of Christ on Earth, the more we recognize the Truth of the Catholic Church. Just as JPII and Mother Theresa’s examples served to undermine years of anti-Catholic bigotry my wife absorbed from the Pentecostal Church of God pulpit over many years, so to will B16’s example sweep away the propaganda and lies many of our brothers and sisters swim in today. A great liberation is afoot.


not to be overly cynical, but i think the church in america still has all the same problems it had before the Pope’s visit. there seems to be a complete breakdown in the transmission of authentic catholic values from generation to generation. to be fair to Pope Benedict, i’m not sure what magic wand he could have used to fix this complex problem in the short span of his visit here. also, he’s more of a teacher (an excellent one) than a disciplinarian/administrator.


The Vatican website also has the text of all of his addresses while in the US:

Apostolic Journey to the United States of America and visit to the United Nations Organization Headquarters


Thank you.

I watched every moment of the Pope Benedict’s visit on EWTN. What a wonderful man. How blest are we to be able to say, “This is our Shepherd. This is our Pope. This is our Teacher.”

I believe that his visit will be a blessing to our country for a long time if not forever.


I am really interested in what EmeraldIsle believes what the Gospel is. And what constitutes the Gospel in his mind.


Perhaps this person is unaware that the Pope officiates at Mass daily and the Gospel is read and reflected upon at every Mass.


I think his definition of Gospel is the post Resurrection message. The problem with that belief is that Jesus was preaching the Gospel before his crucficion and he sent the Disciples out to preach the Gospel before the Crucificion as well. I think EmeraldIsle has very narrow and shallow idea of what the Gospel is.


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