Did Pope Francis really say that socialism causes misery, and that America is heading towards a form of communism?

The following is a transcript of an interview between an atheist American journalist and then-Cardinal Bergolio [says the Salford website]. It is clear why the interview was never broadcast. In it, Cardinal Bergoglio makes mincemeat of the typical leftist interview techniques of so many people in the broadcast media.


i found it very interesting,what do others think???

The first thing I thought was, - is this a real interview of then Cardinal Bergolio? How can we be sure?


i thought the same…but if you read down the inteview.all he says is i am Catholic to the abortion question,gay marriage,women priests ect…

but hits the nail with poverty around the world,but the media dont want to here this…

the so called scandals are not of the Catholic faith but mans love of greed and money,not corrupt governments but self serving politicians ect…

it did wake me up on things that should be discussed rather than all this anti Catholic rhetoris in the media…

So how do we know this isn’t a bogus interview?


We don’t yet. So unless it can be determined to be so, we should take this article with a grain of salt, tequila and a lime.

we cannot but read this at the start…

Salford diocesan press officer, Fr John Flynn (@jcaflynn), now says on Twitter that he took down the interview because he couldn’t verify it – but “I am sure it is real”.

now its only the editor(media not liking what the pope is saying about greed,not their agenda)

now if it is real or not the father who is the editor could relate to it…

i can and so could many others who read it.

it is some thing that should be addressed.

now thinking a little about it,i could believe that the now pope could say some thing like this in an interview.but until it get proven the pope did not mention any thing like this at all.:wink:

I have to admit that the article’s putting the term “low information voter” in the mouth of “Bishop Bergeglio” gives me a great deal of pause in believing this.

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