Did Pope Paul 6 give Sam Cohen, neutron bomb maker, the medal of honor for that

…or just revolutionizing warfare that would make enemies think twice about attacking us or our allies (murually Assured Destruction)?


Of course not. It’s an absurd lie invented by a militant atheist in an attempt to discredit the Catholic Church. He claims Pope Paul gave him the medal in 1979; he didn’t even bother to look up the fact that Pope Paul had died in 1978.

No doubt that won’t stop the usual crowd of anti-Catholic bigots from regurgitating and perhaps even believing this outrageous lie, just as they do with the simiairly outrageous lies of Dan Brown.

Interesting. Sadly, it seems more evident Pope Benedict said condoms are OK if not stopping pregnancy. Well, even if there’s extenuating circumstances, regarding uses that don’t stop pregnancy, saying that could encourage gay men to think it’s safe to have sex with them. It’s been said some contraceptive stuff for women help with hormones, but I still think the whole industry needs to be shut down, being that it’s intended for evil purposes, as opposed to guns.

You might copy and paste this to argue with me on this, as I can see this will be off-topic.

Also this stupid bigot doesn’t even realise or care that there is no such papal award called “The Medal of Honor” which is in fact the name of a secular award which is given by the USA government. And no he hasn’t received that either. The man is a compulsive liar.

I guess he didn’t justify condoms for any use after all.

What’s going on here? Did Sam Cohen invent the latex condom too??!

Nuetron bombs AND promiscuous sex. Sheesh. What a legacy! :smiley:

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