Did saints go straight to Heaven or are they just in Heaven?

I know that a saint is someone we can say for sure is in Heaven, but is it someone we can say for sure went straight to Heaven? Is it possible that any saints went to Purgatory?(I’m sure theres no way we can really positively know that?) I’m talking about canonized saints of course.

If the stain of our sins is what leads us to purgatory, and prayer, fasting, confession, mortifications and suffering removes those stains, I’d think many Saints went straight to Heaven. I think the extreme sufferings they endured, as well as their pious prayerful lives would have gained them immediate entry into Heaven. Our sufferings on earth can serve as our purgatory (from what I understand).

If anyone has ever gained immediate entry, it would be the saints who gave their lives to God- the ones who lived their lives completely for the conversion and salvation of souls. I think this would also apply to anyone who has died as a martyr for their faith.

It’s an interesting topic- makes me think of the incorruptibles. Saint Catherine is incorruptible to this day- except for a small spot around her mouth. She was prone to vanity as she had bad teeth and frequently covered her mouth when laughing to hide them. Although her body hasn’t decomposed, God allowed a small amount of decomposition around her mouth to point it out. I’d think her life would still have allowed her to gain immediate entry- but I guess we won’t know until we get there…

I think, many of the canonized saints passed through Purgatory first. But there are surely in Heaven at the moment of final canonization.

This assumes that Heaven and Purgatory are contained within the same timeline as we are. Say a particular saint is scheduled to be canonized in September. There is no such thing as “September” in the afterlife, so to call the issue settled by saying that a moment on Earth is occurring simultaneously with a “moment” in Heaven or Purgatory is kind of silly.

Regardless of how solemn or “official” we think any discussion like this is, the discussion is still always akin to four year olds describing their parents’ occupations. Cute, sometimes even adorable, but definitely not reflective of a serious understanding of the reality. We should always remember to let God be God and trust in His understanding rather than ours.

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