Did Seth MacFarlane commit an unforgivable sin?

There’s this one “American Dad!” episode from season 3 called “The Most Adequate Christmas Ever”. It’s the episode where Stan Smith goes to heaven. There’s this one blasphemous scene in heaven (to be safe, I’m not gonna explain the details), and I was wondering if the creator of that show committed an unforgivable sin because of that scene.

This thread is for those who SAW that Christmas episode.

Considering he’s an atheist, I think he hardly cares.

What I find an unforgivable sin is anyone who willingly watches that garbage.

You have to know something is a sin before you are held accountable for said sin. Who knows what goes on inside his head.:shrug:


]Considering he’s an atheist, I think he hardly cares.

and if he was catholic,its between him and the Father.

What I find an unforgivable sin is anyone who willingly watches that garbage.


Please…don’t take offense, but from the little that I know if it and these other American parody cartoons, how exactly does anything on that show fit in accordance with Christian or Catholic teaching? I just want to understand…do most Americans really find these shows humorous?

Against all odds I actually fall under this category lol. A few years ago my friend was watching that episode when I was around, and I know which scene you’re talking about.

To answer your question, the literal blasphemy of the Holy Spirit you saw in that episode is of course a sin, but it’s not the type of blasphemy Jesus was referring to in the Bible verse you’re thinking about. The “blasphemy of the Spirit” that Jesus meant was basically refusing to accept God’s forgiveness in your life, which is why it cannot be forgiven.

Now go in peace, and watch Seth MacFarlane cartoons no more. :signofcross:

Probably not “most” but unfortunately still plenty to keep it on the air.

What is this “American Dad?”:confused:

Thank God I haven’t watched TV for years

(That sounded a bit like the pharisee’s prayer in the Gospel:o But I am happy not watching TV - I get most of my entertainment on CAF:D)

The standards had gone so low that it’s just pathetic.

The only ‘unforgivable’ sin is giving up hope.

It doesn’t. the few times christian theology shows up at all, it’s usually made fun of.

Many do.

I don’t much care for American Dad, I find South Park to have a certain timeliness of political sattire…

But generally, American “comedy” stopped being in line with Christian lifestyles around the mid 1980’s.

Much of it stopped being funny at the same time.

Mama’s Family constantly talked about Sunday Church service and lasted until 1989 and was hilarious :thumbsup:


We can always have recourse to God’s mercy in this life. If we abandon hope, we also abandon the will to repent. If such souls do repent, however, then they are entitled to the mercy of God; the very mercy which granted them the gratuitous grace of repentance. We cannot judge the degree of sinfulness of Seth MacFarlane’s actions. We can judge the ‘quality’ of ‘Family Guy’ though… I will refrain from sharing my opinion :stuck_out_tongue:

Not until he dies, which even though I loathe MacFarlane’s shows, I hope is not for a long, long time.

Thank you for your help! :slight_smile:

I’ve been able to tolerate SOME Family Guy in the past, but the cloned spinoffs are garbage. American Dad is trash at very best and The Cleveland Show is Family Guy in blackface where humor that would commonly offend otherwise is A-Okay because the characters are black/African-American. The Cleveland Show is actually more of a mockery of black people/culture, but because it is black people/characters doing it it is acceptable :rolleyes:

No need to watch anything Seth M. puts out.

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