Did something foolish. . .should i tell?

I did something stupid a while ago. it’s a done deal now though. no one hurt, nothing lost, etc. but i’m worried someone might find out. do i need to confess if no one would benefit by my confession? and no, it’s not marital-related but work-related.

If you have committed a sin, YOU would benefit by going to confession. Any type of sin damages your relationship with God and you want to repair that relationship as soon as possible.

Through confession, you would benefit spiritually - other than that no one else need know unless there is some legal or moral reason they should know. Father in Confession is bound by the secrecy of the Confessional. You can discuss the matter in full with Father in Confession which is secret and ask him if you are unsure re legal or moral grounds to reveal the matter.
We are only bound to confess mortal sin, venial sin is forgiven in very many ways indeed - and including in the Confessional. If you are unsure if the matter is venial or mortal, then you would need to discuss it with a priest either in the Confessional or by appointment.
I am sure that many would be distressed if something hidden or somethings hidden in their lives especially their past lives became general knowledge, I sure would be. Dont feel too alone in this.


Thank you, thank you. I’m just not catholic yet, so i cannot go to confession.

Since you are not Catholic “yet” I am presuming that you are either considering Catholicism or already in the process and journey of becoming Catholic. If you are not already at Peace over the "something stupid: (probably most all have done “something stupid” somewhere - I sure have), you can make an appointment with a priest and discuss it all in complete privacy with him outside the Confessional. Since you are not Catholic, there is no obligation on you re The Sacrament of Reconciliation and you cannot “yet” receive this truly wonderful Sacrament of Loving Understanding and Mercy and The Lord’s Peace.
Tell God that you are very sorry for whatever you did and that you will strive honestly to not do it in the future and will try to be the better person we all without exception can strive to be - and/or make an appointment with a priest if you feel this may help. Tell God of your sorrow and concerns and try be in Peace. One does not have to be a Catholic to talk confidentially with a priest and I am confident Father would be very happy to speak with you though not Catholic “yet”.

May God richly bless your journey wherever you are just now and I am hoping that it is a journey into the Catholic Church. It is a great blessing and a great priviledge and Grace, totally underserved, to be called by God into Catholicism. It is also a great responsibility and accountability to be Catholic since God has blessed His Church with so much and so many Graces and especially with the Gift of The Body and Blood of Jesus in the Blessed Eucharist - and His never denied Mercy to honest respentance in the Sacrament of Reconciliation - or Confession. With so much gifted to us, we Catholics really should be outstanding human beings and disciples of Jesus - and many in our midst have been so. Have you ever read the life stories of some of our saints?


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