Did St. John of Patmos see God?


In the Book of Revelations, John has visions of Heaven including seeing God on His Throne:

3 and the One sitting there looked like a diamond and a ruby. There was a rainbow encircling the throne, and this looked like an emerald.

I know that other prophets have seen visions of God like Ezekiel, who describes God as a humanoid figure of polished bronze clothed in fire, but I’ve often interpreted that as God the Son, a pre-incarnate Christ. In this Vision John sees Jesus as a slaughtered lamb with seven eyes and seven horns, so who is The One on the Throne? What did John see?


Revelation 19 described Jesus as a rider on a horse wearing a robe dipped in blood with a sharp two-edged sword coming from his mouth.

Revelation 12 describes him as a child of the woman with a crown of stars destined to rule with a rod of iron.

Why can’t the rider, the lamb, the one seated on the throne and all the rest all be Jesus?



A few years ago I was reading this when suddenly it hit me, the ruby and diamond are (it seemed to me) the rays of Blood and Water from the Divine Mercy.



I think it’s possible that both Ezekiel and John saw a vision God created to illustrate some aspects of His majesty. Do you think that’s a reasonable possibility?


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