Did St. John of the Cross Say This?


During the homily on St. John of the Cross’s feast day our priest quoted the saint as saying (something to the effect of), “The purpose of adoration is not only for the faithful to adore God, but also for God to adore the faithful.” I can’t find any reference of this, though. Does anyone know from which of St. John’s writings this originated? Or maybe it was a different St. John? (Again, I’m not sure of the exact quotation but that’s the basic gist.) Thank you!


That doesn’t really sound like St. John of the Cross. I have a searchable version of his works, with 2 English translations, and that doesn’t come up in a search.


If you send your priest a courteously worded email, he’ll probably reply giving you the full details. He may even feel gratified that someone in the church was paying such close attention to his homily!


Not only does that not sound anything like John of the Cross, but I sincerely doubt that any saint stated that Jesus “adores” us in the way we adore --worship – Him. Perhaps whoever said it was using the word “adore” in its other sense, to love with passion.


Well you’re asking us to judge what the priest said without actually quoting what the priest said, but you’re own idea of what he said.

St John of the Cross did emphasis God’s love for us and our love for Him. So it may be this was the point your priest was trying to make.

Can’t say without him being here to explain what he said and meant.



Many things get lost or mistranslated.


I am currently reading St John of the Cross and haven’t come across anything like that. Must be a misquote.

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