Did St. lawrence really say "turn me over, I'm done on this side?' or is that part of legend?

My husband says it is Church Tradition that St. Lawrence actually said “turn me over I’m done on this side.”
I think it’s part of the legend but is not officially Church (capital T) tradition.
I think my husband is feeling that i am crossing a line here by saying ths.
It makes for a better story, but that doesn’t make it true.

It doesn’t appear that the details of the martyrdom of St. Lawrence are very credible. The Catholic Encyclopedia the popular legends of the way St. Lawrence died gives rise to grave doubts.

St. Lawrence was a real person who was really martyred. However too much time passed between his death and its written accounts to be considered reliable. There’s also some inconsistency between what is written and what we know of early Christian persecution.

Maybe he said those words, maybe he said something clever that over time morphed into that famous phrase, or maybe its just something funny that got added in over the centuries. Either way, his courage as an early martyr is to be admired.

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