Did St. Therese the lil flower e-mail me?


I have been praying for 3 roses from st. Therese of Lisieux. I started on Mary’s Birthday. I asked for a white rose to signify that I have a calling to the monastic priesthood in the order of st. Francis. I asked for a red rose to signify that I have to enter in the coming year (2010). I asked for a pink rose to signify that my Protestant friend has to convert to Catholicism. That night on Mary’s birthday at church they had flowers in front of Mary’s statue. There were pink roses and roses that were a blend of white and red, which I thought was amazing since both signs relate to each other. Then last Friday on Facebook I was looking through a photographer’s album and she had a photo of a white rose. Today is the ninth day and I opened my email, and I saw I got an email from Webshots titled “What’s your favourite flower?” and all three roses were there! The email was sent yesterday on the 8th day!
I asked St. Therese that she must either appear to me in a dream or appear in a vision to one of my friends or she must give me three physical natural roses. The roses at church were natural and physical but they were not given to me but it would be a bit weird since I’m an oke. I also asked her during the novena that if the roses at church were the signs then she should send them again just to confirm hahaha and then I got the email. Would you say I’m looking too hard or were these from St. Therese who promised to let a shower of roses fall from heaven.:shrug:


If so, that’s good news. They must have WiFi up there…


I think you are looking to hard.

It is well-known that when you are expecting or anticipating something, you notice lots of that thing, or things relating to that thing around you. It is because you are looking for that one thing. That’s part of the reason why people continue to believe in horoscopes - people start looking for things to fit the predictions, either consciously or unconsciously.

It’s also like those people who are obsessed with finding certain numbers everywhere…or feel like they are being chased by a number. You want something or expect something like that enough…and you are guaranteed to find it.

You said you wanted real, physical roses for you or a vision to you or your friends. None of these happened. And you can easily discount the roses in front of the statue…it was Mary’s birthday, so OF COURSE they had roses. And the rose colours you named are common…so it stands to reason that they would be there. And you know what? They would have been there even if you hadn’t said the novena. They just stuck out to you this year because of the novena.

So yeah. Unless you get your roses in the mail or have a vision, I don’t think you got your shower of roses. Don’t base you decision about entering the monastic like on this.


I think you have been given a sign that you should do a lot of praying and discernment.
I think many ask for a ‘Sign’ or answer, thinking that it will never come and then when it does come, the sign is ignored or not even seen or it is questioned and thought of as coincidence.

If you ask for a sign prepare yourself for getting the answer… even if it is one that you are not wanting.

It’s like anticipating the answer to a question before it is asked and not liking the answer received because it is different from the answer you were hoping for.

God is our Father. Like any good parent when asked a question, He doesn’t always say ‘Yes’.


I started on Mary’s Birthday. I asked for a white rose to signify that I have a calling to the monastic priesthood in the order of st. Francis

  1. Franciscans are not monks. That’s why they were called FRIARS (brothers). They were something different.

  2. Shouldn’t you join a community of the Maronite Church?


Pimpsta, the roses, only God knows. You should concentrate more on the good you can do others than signs from God in the form of flowers, to make your decision. The instant the seed thought of discernment] was planted IS the sign from God, not the flowers or any other physical material object.
God Bless !! :):slight_smile:


I disagree with this… I mean, yes, it’s true, that if you’re expecting something, you tend to notice that thing more. But I don’t think that’s the case with roses from St Therese.

I prayed the St Therese novena before I believed in the intercession of Saints and the first time I ever prayed it, roses were given to me* right away*. It was really obvious and I definitely wasn’t expecting it, neither does this happen regularly. I literally prayed then opened my eyes and saw roses on the table in front of me - a family member had put them there, for me. And this sort of thing continued for the next several days… for example, one time I went for a dentist check up and didn’t have time to pray in the morning, so I prayed in the car. When I got there and sat down on the chair in the office, I turned and saw a kleenex box with pictures of pink roses, and it said “La petite rose” in French. St Therese was French and called herself the “little flower”. I don’t think this is the same as noticing patterns etc cause you’re looking for them, or horoscopes (which are false)

Also, what about people smelling roses really strongly after saying the prayer?

God bless


I think it’s hard to tell, it can definitely be true though! I’d say, continue discerning, and keep on asking St Therese for prayers. In time it would be made clearer :slight_smile: if these were signs, you would eventually know. Maybe this is just the first step. God bless


Thanx 4everHis! Mother Mary came to me on the feast of the Assumption in 2007 and I smelled roses in my dream. It was amazingly strong and nothing like it on this earth. I understand that you are going to notice roses more if you are looking for them but that email came on the right day and out of the blue.Webshots does not send out emails about flowers and roses, thats the first I have ever seen. I really don’t need these signs, they definitely are not concrete but they edify my spirit. I have written an aptitude test and have received prophecies and visions from more than 5 people who have said that I have the gift of preaching, have a calling to the priesthood and must be a Franciscan monk. The psychologist actually agreed with the calling to the priesthood and the gift of preaching and I never even told her about the visions and prophecies. So when God and a psychologist agree, its good to take the advice. I don’t need signs from St. Therese. I feel the calling in my spirit. I did this novena as an extra and for direction.


Oh, I think you received your signal grace, and more than once, from the looks of it. Now, just the roses in the vase? Okay. But on the internet, too? I think you got what yo asked for. Repetition is always a good sign.

Once, just for the fun of it, I asked St. Therese for a rose. I had heard some stories, and only wanted to “test” her. Many don’t believe in that, but, St. Therese did it all the time, and never seemed to be rebuked about it, so I thought, why not? I had also experienced that odor of roses described in the dream during a retreat. It was very noticeable, and by several people.

Anyway, I asked for a rose. Well, about a month later, in the month of November while it was cold and rainy, a great big beautiful, single rose bloomed on my rose bush. This rose bush had not bloomed the year before, it had some sort of fungus. I thought it would not make it through the winter, and it has since died. Yet, that rose bloomed in the middle of November I kid you not. And it stayed fresh for a while. I wish I had kept it and pressed it in a book, or something.

Yes, I believe you received your sign because I have known several people who have had similar experiences. I don’t know if you should be asking her, though. I would discern more and seek out a spiritual adivsor about a vocation.


Thanks, I agree!


Kind of ironic, that you would see roses which were a blend of red/white in color. Don’t you think? It’s almost like getting a “mixed signal”.

I agree with “Paul2274” (above). You should keep praying and do a lot more discerning. God will let you know, if He is calling you. I will keep you in my prayers. God bless you.


Yes, I did e-mail you dear, and here’s a second e-mail. Please get a holier nickname than “Pimpsta” and more roses will follow! St. Therese

Kidding just a bit, but I can’t help but wonder how discerning a vocation and that idea for a screen name mix…

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