Did the Catholic Church add books to the bible or why where 7 books taken away


This is what a Protestant said to I’ll copy and paste it

When it comes to the extra 7 books they are called the apocrypha so when I came to formulating the Bible it related not to the apocrypha books or what we recognise as the New Testament which of those books are inspired of God which resulted in a list of 27 books which we now have the apocrypha was always treated separately from the old and the New Testament the apocrypha consists Jewish traditions historical writings it was never recognised as scripture

As we were it was never recognised and scripture by the Jews it predates the time of Christ and we do not see Christ reference these books so that should give polls furthermore when you read the books and you see a number of things that contradicts the rest of scripture both in message and in spirit you realise that there is problematic messages that are within so you have witchcraft in some of the books sorcery suicide things that are spoken of as there is nothing wrong with them although it clearly contradicts scripture
Anyway that aside a bit of history seems to be in order as well she says the first Catholic Bible was in the 300 reality is the Catholic Church exist as such until the 10 hundred around 1056 you have something called the great schism in which those church institution the West and the church institution in the east divided and split

There had already been a smaller but significant split with churches elsewhere in East Africa so all of that is likewise inaccurate

Luther had nothing to do with that process as she should know Luther come centuries after the old and the New Testament were agreed if Martin Luther had decided it’s not a matter of adding books it’s a matter of taking away there books that Jews has accepted as scripture and Christians have accepted as scripture such as Esther and James that he was not as Keen on even though he had good things to say he was far from a perfect man we do not idolize him in prodatism at least we should not well that’s just some sort of a summary let me also say the book that she alleges were accepted as scripture all along were not again jerome translated the Bible into Latin bolgate wrote very clearly disagreed with the inclusion of those books in the Bible as they were not canonical as they were not part of scripture that they were not inspired of God either Jew or the early Christian recognise them as scripture it was only after the protestant reformation well into the 1500s mid 1500s that the Roman Catholic Church held what is the council of Trent and it was then and there when they decided that these books were scripture


Tell him to learn punctuation. This is pretty much unreadable.


Martin Luther removed the deuterocanonical books from the Bible when he broke away from the Catholic Church. The Protestants call those deuterocanonical books “apocryphal” and thus Martin Luther removed them. He even wanted to go further I recall, wanting to remove the Book of Esther and The Apocalypse (Revelation in other translations). The Book of Daniel has also been shortened in the Protestant Bible.

Remember folks, the Catholic Church gave us the Holy Bible, the Protestants took the Bible and gutted it.


Check this out form the Institute of Catholic Culture, Forming Sacred Scripture: Understanding how the Bible Came to Be



The protestant’s “analysis” in the original post in this thread is, well, idiotic is the nicest word I can come up with. This history is blatantly wrong, and it attempts to pass itself off as an objective critical analysis, when it is simply the personal opinion of someone who believes the fantasies that have drilled into his/her head by Protestant “preachers” with an agenda.

This is one Protestant who definitely isn’t even worth listening to. It is all a convoluted personal opinion. It isn’t worth the time to read it.

  1. Catholics are not the only ones who have the “extra” books. All of the Orthodox do to. The protestants are the only Christians who don’t have them.
  2. And the Jews didn’t remove the books until approx 90 AD, long after the Christians were using them and was in partial response to Christianity.

Here is a 7 minute answer to this question: https://www.catholic.com/video/why-do-catholic-bibles-have-seven-more-books-than-protestant-bibles



Jimmy Akin answers all those questions here (first link below). Hat tip to @Gab123 who posted it earlier today on the Wisdom of Solomon thread, which you may care to take a look at (second link). It’s covering much the same ground as this one.




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He misrepresents the truth on these points.
You can look at Bibles before Luther that had theses seven books.
Trent was only restating what was said earlier, and it confirmed the earlier Councils in an infallible way.

The Council of Trent, in 1546 AD ,
The same Canon had been formally stated at the
Ecumenical Council of Florence on Feb. 4, 1442
(EnchBibl 47). [See Text]
And at the
Seventh Ecumenical Council, II Nicaea 787 AD
([See Text]) And at the
Sixth Council of Carthage 419 AD,
which explicitly stated this canon. This is the same canon that was approved by
Pope Innocent I in 405 AD,
and the same canon that was stated in the
Third Council of Carthage in 397 AD,
as well as the
Council of Hippo in 393 AD , and the
Council of Rome in 382 AD under the authority of Pope Damasus I.

And that was very early in Church history since the earliest list of the 27 Books of the New Testament was only in 367 AD. The Bible, and all its Books, was not put together into one collection until the end of 4th century.

See these Bibles before Luther that had these seven Books included at web site below.

Sections :

1. Deuterocanonical books - what they are
2. Saint Jerome updated !
3. Jews
4. Encyclopaedia Britannica
5. Origen
6. Justin the Martyr
7. New Catholic Encyclopedia
8. Protestants
9. Martin Luther
10. Protestant scholars

14. Catholic German Language Bibles Before Luther with Deuterocanonical Bks

  1. Did Jesus ever quote any OT books that Protestants don’t “believe in”?

  2. Bible Codex Amiatinus AD 713 contained the Deuterocanonical Books



Each Church had it’s own local canon. There were regional councils in the early Church which attempted to set down an official canon, and some of these canons still survive today. The Orthodox Church today does not have an official canon of scripture but in general many, like myself, tend to use the whole of the Septuagint canon for the Old Testament canon, and the Orthodox New Testament is exactly the same as the RCC and Protestant New Testament canon.


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