Did the Church "alter" the 10 Commandments? I need resources.


I need to find the truth behind how it is that the Protestant Ten Commandments differ from the Catholic Ten Commandments.

According to Protestants, the Church has “omitted” the “original” second commandment (Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image…etc), and changed the “original” tenth commandment (Thou shalt not covet) and turned it into the ninth and tenth commandments we are currently familiar with.

My Protestant fiance and her Protestant family’s take on it is that the Catholic Church one day decided to change the Commandments so we can “worship” statues and have them inside the church. They say this was to encourage conversion of people who were familiar with idol worship (I guess sort of to ween them into the true Church)

Please shed some light on this subject for me. If you could also provide book reources I could reference or other suggested readings I would greatly appreciate it.



The following resources should prove helpful:

The Division of the Ten Commandments

Explanation of the Ten Commandments

Commandments of God


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