Did the Church ever murder Homosexuals?


I know I was supposed to take a break from CAF but I couldn’t help post this:

So a few weeks ago my atheist stepdad told me the Church would have killed me if it were not for the fact that it changed its teachings on Homosexual (somewhere along the lines of that). My friend told me the Church hates gays because they were killed by the Church for committing Homosexual acts*

What do I say to them?


Demand proof that any of that ever occurred with Church sanction. Demand the Church teaching that commanded the outrage that he is claiming. The burden is on HIM!


See if that is actually true.

The word gay as an identity did not previously exist.
There were those who did homosexual acts.
Sodomites were to be excommunicated if a layperson.

Perhaps he is referring to the 13th century when it was allowed that civil authorities also punish sodomites, which is when the burning was happening.


Perhaps it was this that he was referring to. I can’t remember that clearly


But in terms of church documents, the punishments of sodomy (not disordered passions but the sin of sodomy) were excommunication for laypeople.


At some point you have to stop taking the bait.

You don’t need to respond to every ridiculous thing people say.


I often start with something like, “are you interested in exploring the merits of that argument, or do you just want to bash (insert group here— the Church, Democrats, Republicans, Oprah, Hillary…).

9 times out of 10, they just want to bash.


I’ll spare you the apologetic nonsense of the crowd pleasing afraid to offend crowd. Who seem to think watering down the truth, is what’s needed to keep their beliefs afloat.

Jesus never commented on homosexuality. Not directly. Nor did he focus on a whole host of other perversions.

And he had no need to. Because the mosaic law that influenced and shaped the world around him still held true. It had bound the land for all those years. The old covenant wasn’t just going to vanish over night. Nor was that the intent.

Jewish cannon is very clear. Homosexuality is an abomination in the eyes of God. They constantly condemn it.

But why should people be surprised? To believe in God as the author of nature Itself, is to affirm the story of Adam and of Eve. Of the virtue of Marriage and Jesus’ own testament to it being a union between Man and Woman alone. To acknowledge that God defined gender and purpose in his image. Is very specific in theme throughout.

No good scholar can claim God approved of Homosexuality. Or do we need to look across at Sodom and play semantics about its destruction. Because that seems to be the constant go to, to deflect the issue.

With all that said; it’s not true that Homosexuals should be ‘killed’ or valued any less than anyone else by those that walk along side them.

We aren’t God. And the persistence in pretence that we are, is what has rocked the very foundation of society.

Like all things, choice exists. Not everyone has to be Christian and indeed many won’t succeed. Many people have genuine attractions, feelings and so on. And those are to be understood like any thing else; An exercise in free-will, that will be a challenge and judged. Judged by God, however. Not by man.

Your life is your own. Jesus and the Apostles made it clear. The golden commandments are clear.

Nothing you say, or anyone else says will free people from saying these sorts of things to you. They do it because it causes doubt and controversy…

But there is none really. From the laws of nature, God wrote what he wanted. That was his right. To say that which is good and that which isn’t.

If people cannot abide by the word of the divine. They shouldn’t follow the divine.

But as I understand it, you are homosexual? And you want to know if you would have been killed? People may have. But to say it was the will of the church, in truth is wrong.

Goodness is the way of God. Death is not his punishment of making mistakes, struggling with life, or for difficulties of attraction. That’s the action of man. The punishment lies with them taking it into their hands instead. Which they unfortunately regularly do out of fear.

Love everyone. Leave judgement to the only person who can see everything as it really is. God himself. I think that’s quite clear.


The Church hates the sin and loves all men. They are called to our Lord’s table as well.
They need to work out their redemption, trust and persevere. They make use of the Sacrament of Reconciliation regularly.

Those who trusted the Holy Mother through the Rosary are no longer tempted in this disorder. They experience revulsion where there was once enticement. They marry and go on to have a holy marriage.

This good news gives the person an answer he was waiting for. If there were nothing that could be done because he was born this way, then how could he explain the miracles.?. It could only be a temptation after all.



Also, the Church has never changed it’s teaching on homosexuality. It’s still a sin to act on it no matter what some folks claim.


Please use words in the way the Church does. The Church does not address homosexuality as an abomination, but as a trial. There is a difference between temptation and sin.


I, for one, could never be a Lutheran, due to their persecution and murder of Anabaptists.

Human history has blood on its hands, from Genesis 4 onward, no matter who you are talking about.

All of this ignorant anti-Catholic bilge is solely to justify separation from the Church which Christ founded.


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