Did the Church invent Islam?

A Protestant work colleague in conversation today made a statement about the Catholic Church having invented Islam. He said something about it having been done because Christian faith was failing to convert and so a more palatable strain (Islam) was created but never intended to become a big deal, which has now obviously misfired on the Church. He went on to insinuate that this is the reason he feels the Pope is so lenient with Muslims and in denial of there being anything such as Islamic fundamentalism. Sounds barmy to me but I know you can find this sort of thing all over YouTube. Anyone know where this comes from, any truth to it at all?

Obviously, there’s no truth to it. Muslims believe things that Catholics don’t, and vice versa. Muslims do not believe in a trinitarian view of God, that Jesus was crucified, and certainly don’t believe he was God. They also don’t believe the Bible as Christians and Jews do, and they believe that said Christian and Jewish scriptures were corrupted over time. I HIGHLY doubt the Church started Islam. The first place I had ever heard this theory was from tracts by recently deceased Fundementalist Protestant Jack Chick. I’d ask your colleague to produce proof. He made the accusation, it’s up to HIM to prove it.

This is ridiculous. Though, many do believe that Islam is a major heresy and that Muhammad was influenced by heretical Christianity and Judaism

Islam is the creation of Mohammed, it’s prophet. Kind of like Nazism is attributed to Hitler. A madman’s ideals. Satan is behind both.

That escaled quickly. You are entitled to your opinion, but please keep in mind there are Muslims on this forum that are curious about the Catholic faith. This is not a good way to keep them interested.

It seems weird that something that the Catholic Church supposedly did in the 7th century would have an impact on the actions of Pope Francis when it clearly didn’t for previous popes. There are some interesting quotes from Pontiffs past which were very polemical against Islam. Why did they take this position?

I also doubt that a single historian who in any way practices history in a professional manner would assert this theory.

Palatable strain? What? Is your friend on any prescription medication?

It’s nonsense and hsi source is probably something like this.
How the Vatican created Islam - Red Ice

The fact is that it’s all part of set of lies that Jack T. Chick published in his Alberto comic books after he was taken in by Alberto Rivera who was proved to be a liar and a fraud.

This one is pretty easy to refute if you realize that the guy who fed chick all that stuff was exposed as a fraud and liar not only by Catholics but by n-C publications like Christianity Today and Cornerstone. The following link may help you a little and I’ll try to get some pages from CA’s old booklet The Nightmare World of Jack T. Chick scanned and see where we can go with that.


[FONT=Georgia]Meet Jack Chick](“https://www.catholic.com/magazine/print-edition/meet-jack-chick”)

This claim comes from Protestant cartoon tract author Jack Chick (R.I.P). He got it from Alberto Rivera, an anti-Catholic activist who claims to have been a Jesuit priest. He apparently had a history of fraud, credit card theft and writing bad cheques.

Rivera claimed that Khadija, Muhammad’s first wife, was a Catholic nun who was told by a bishop to marry Muhammad and start Islam. The Church’s apparent motivation for creating Islam was to regain control of Jerusalem.

He also claimed that the Catholic Church created Freemasonry, Communism and Nazism.

Ludicrous. The machinations of a hate-filled anti-Catholic imagination. A pathetic attempt to show that the Church failed - justifying rebellion, but inadvertently making Christ a liar!

[/FONT]Page 2
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Page 6

[FONT=Georgia]I hope this really helps…:slight_smile:

The church in Saudi Arabia during Muhammad’s time was not the Roman Catholic Church but what is known as the Church of the East.

Protestants are semi Muslims themselves, but on too the question. The Church itself had nothing to do with the moslem faith, but Arian heretics synchronized with arabic paganism, and created Mo’s heresy.

I tried to find that article to show to the OP but it’s disappeared and links display at “not found” page. However, I have managed to find the full article on the Wayback Machine.

Chick tracts have even made their way here to New Zealand. I received a copy of The Attack along with a Bible that I purchased off TradeMe, NZ’s version of eBay.

Thanks my Kiwi friend. I had been hunting for that all over the place!

The Nightmare World of Jack T. Chick.

I would also like to point out that Jack Chick right-hand man, who you’re talking about, Alberto Rivera claims Not only was he a Jesuit priest but he had been secretly made a bishop. I think it wise to stay away from Jack Chick for that very reason, may he and Rivera rest in peace.

silly to the max

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