Did the disciples have faith in Jesus after he was crucified?

I’m not in RCIA yet so I’m doing a faith based video series at a protestant church. The video talked about how, after Jesus’ death, before his resurrection, none of the disciples believed in Him anymore…they had no faith and thought he wasn’t the messiah. Is this true? This confuses me because Jesus also predicted he’s die on a certain day and he was correct about that, did that not convince them?

I don’t think the text says anything on the matter of whether they believed he was still the Messiah during those few days. They flee the Garden in fear on Thursday night, and the next time they’re seen in on Sunday huddled up in fear in the Upper Room. We can speculate what they were thinking, but it would only be speculation.

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First, the title of your post and the post itself present a disconnect. None of these eleven Jews lost “faith in God” as a result of the crucifixion. It is a HUGE assumption, deserving of its own separate post, that any of the disciples thought Jesus was God (pre-resurrection).

But as to whether, post-crucifixion and pre-resurrection, they “believed in Him anymore,” you’ve got to be more explicit. Believed what, exactly? That “he wasn’t the messiah”? That what he taught them – and there must have been hundreds of thing he taught them, on right behavior (a la the Sermon on the Mount), on their proper views of the Kingdom of Heaven, etc. – wasn’t true? You’ve got to be more specific here.

What about Peter in Matthew 16 who says he’s the Son of the Living God? and by “believed” I mean trusted Him…believed that was he taught should be followed, believed that He was truly God…all of it

I would assume that the disciples would’ve been very, very confused and saddened at that point. Regardless of what He said, their Master had just been humiliated, tortured and crucified, and resurrections just aren’t the most common of occurrences in life. They were human. It would require the resurrection, and being convinced of it, for them to come to believe.

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What about it? Is a Son of God necessarily divine? (Read John 1:12 before you answer.)

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