Did the Emperor Constantine found the Catholic Church [Akin]

jimmyakin.com/wp-content/uploads/constantinevideo.jpgYou sometimes hear people claim that the Catholic Church was founded by the Emperor Constantine, who reigned in the early 300s.

If so, the Catholic Church could not be the original Church founded by Jesus.

That’s precisely why this claim is made.

But it’s a false claim.

As I reveal in this video, the Catholic Church existed long before Constantine came on the scene.

What about the related claim that Constantine made Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire?

That’s not true either.

Watch the video for more!


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A common question…


You wouldn’t believe the kind of rabid paranoia, and utterly ridiculous claims about the Catholic Church across the internet. This is surely false!

Well, yeah, but we have folks who get popped with it and have never even imagined such a thing before and so are flumoxed and don’t know how to respond, hence Brother Jimmy’s apologetic response.

I even have an article along these lines on my blog called THE PAGANIZATION OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH UNDER CONSTANTINE

I had to look up the word “flumoxed” in the dictionary :thumbsup:

Now I need to find a reply where I can use it :nerd:


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