Did the Eucharist ever really turn into Jesus' actual flesh?

I am a returning Catholic and since I have returned I have heard a very strange stories.

I now attend adoration chapel one hour per week. The lady who coordinates the adoration chapel schedule told me of a priest somewhere who doubted the truth of Jesus being truly present in Eucharist. Consequently, when he held up the host, it turned into the flesh of a heart – a human heart. The lady said, “They even did tests on it. Jesus has AB blood. Isn’t that something?” She was serious and also said this piece of fleshy heart is still kept somewhere and it is still a piece of fleshy heart – not decayed or anything.

Could this be true?

It sounds as though your friend is thinking of one of the eucharistic miracles, such as the Eucharistic Miracle of Lanciano, Italy (eighth century A.D.). Occasionally, such miracles have occurred as confirmation of the Real Presence, and the Church has recognized them. However, the proper attitude of a Catholic is to appreciate such miracles but to remain firm in the faith even in their absence.

A story is told of King St. Louis of France who was once interrupted while working by a courtier who burst into his office to tell the king that Jesus was appearing on the altar in the royal chapel. The king smiled, nodded, and went back to work. “But, sire,” the courtier said, “Do you not want to come and see the miracle?” The king said, “For those whose faith needs strengthened, I am glad that the miracle is there for them. As for me, I believe even though I have not seen it.” The king’s words are an echo of Jesus’ own words: “Have you believed because you have seen me? Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe”
(John 20:29).

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