Did the Lord Himself receive Holy Communion?


I apologize if this question is already answered somewhere on the forum, but I have not been able to find it.

In another setting, a Protestant has objected that Catholic doctrine means we must believe that the Lord Himself engaged in cannibalism of Himself at the Last Supper.

Whether the Lord Jesus received Holy Communion Himself at the Last Supper is, I must admit, a thought that had never occurred to me before.

Here are my thoughts: it is not at all evident from the Biblical accounts that He did so; and, even on Protestant principles, such an act would have been superfluous.

I am wondering if there is a more-or-less official Catholic stance on this question.



Jesus recieved. It is written in summa theologica, i read that part, though i dont remember.


Yes, he did. If you need explanation of how, this Doctor Who reference is the best I can offer. Youtube clip


Thank you. Here is the link to the Summa: Summa Theologica > Third Part > Question 81


According to the Protestant the opening poster quoted, taking the eucharist is cannibalism. But when a mother feeds her baby with milk from her breasts, no one considers this cannibalism. Having the eucharist is a similar thing.


This is one of those “have you stopped beating your wife?” style loaded questions, which has no good answer; the only way to answer it is by challenging its inaccurate presuppositions. The Eucharist isn’t cannibalism, so therefore, by definition, Jesus did not engage in cannibalism at the Last Supper. QED. :wink:


One step at a time. :slight_smile:


Consuming milk which is a food product produced by a woman for her baby is far from eating her flesh and blood. This will not win any converts who make the accusation.

I personally see the holiness of eating His body and blood as coming from Himself as a command, first and foremost, and His body and blood being equally the means used to attain our salvation as the Father’s Will and their Holy Spirit. Jesus’ body and blood was/is worthy of God’s glory. He is worthy to consume what is of Himself and our Father.



What protestants discard regarding the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist, is that it is the Holy Spirit which brings this reality into being. Therefore, it is complete faith in the Holy Spirit providing life to us, but through the bodily life, death and resurrection of Jesus. It acknowledges the need for Jesus’ actual physical suffering and death in order for us to receive the Holy Spirit. We didn’t just hear the Word of the Lord and deserve forgiveness. We are guilty of killing the Perfect One and then needing His forgiveness despite that.


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