Did the pope apologize for Galileo affair?


Apparently Pope JPII apologized sometime back in 1992 for the way the church handled the whole Galileo thing… I’m trying to find the exact words to this alleged “apology” but so far nothing. Can anyone help me out here? Thanks.


He apologized for how the case was handled, but didn’t rescind the judgement, as far as I can remember. Galileo was indeed guilty, but the severity of his crime was blown up by the Church of the day. That being said, the severity of his treatment as also been blown up by later generations, so it goes both ways.



– Explaining the whole Galileo thing

daughtersofstpaul.com/johnpaulpapacy/meetjp/thepope/jpgalileo.html What was said


Good links, adstrinity.

The Galileo controversy when examined in the light of a more scholarly approach, reveals similarities with the Inquisition and the Crusades. It’s more about propaganda, less about truth.

The enemies of the Church know full well the power of propaganda, and there is evidence that Hitler’s propaganda machine was modelled after Luther’s, not to mention the work of secret and open societies of the past and present that may or may not be orchestrating with the media, politics, and multi-national conglomerates.
I support my hypothesis with the intentional, organized anti-Catholic (anti-human) propaganda of contraception at large in the world today.

Martin Luther - Hitler’s Spiritual Ancestor by Peter F. Wiener

PetersNet: Michael Kent, Propaganda: Past and Present


I know I veered off topic, but everytime I see the Galileo affair up for discussion, the lies of propaganda usually show up in some form or another.


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