Did the pope say he was equal to god


I was reading about the popes visit to Ireland and one thing led to another and suddenly I stumbled across an artical saying the pope is making himself equal to god now I’ve googled it but all I can find are articles written from a Protestant point of view


I very much doubt this is a trustworthy source. The Pope is the vicar of Christ. He is Christ’s apostle. God’s servant.


No, he has said no such thing.


Did the pope say he is a cheese sandwich?

When someone says something completely absurd, the burden of proof is on them.


You need to stop this. It’s as though you are wanting to find a reason to leave the Church. You need some good catechetical formation and discernment skills before you veer off of any site or source not completely faithful to the Catholic Church. Did you block that creepy guy that keeps texting you anti-Catholic stuff yet?


You start a lot of strange threads.


I know these are things Protestants say to me and I’m looking for an answer me and my parents are the only Catholics left in my family and whenever something like comes up I always come here


It’s the opposite actually I’m looking for reasons to stay me and my parents are the only Catholics left and I’m Catholic not because of the evidence in the bible but from the evidence of history how the early Christians practiced there faith I know everything about that but I’m not very good when it comes to things like this so I come here for answers


And I did block him but more than one person it’s my sister and 3 of my uncles and cousins and I am completely faithful to the Catholic Church I know it’s the right way because I’ve read the church fathers but whenever debates come up regarding the bible I get stuck so I come here for answers and the answers are soooo good which is why I keep coming back debates happen often in my family over the phone, face to face, WhatsApp, Facebook eg


Well in this case, if the person is claiming the Pope said something they should be the ones providing proof. You’re not going to find a record of something if it was never said.

The Pope obviously isn’t equal to God. If your Protestant friend does send you an actual source of the Pope saying something, it’s probably been misunderstood, but we can address it then. But really, ask for a source on this one.


When someone outside the Catholic Church makes outlandish statements it’s a good thing as we can dismiss them as nonsense from there on in. Somethings are not obvious but this is one of those.


Here’s a good article:

The Truth About Papal Claims to be God



I think it’s time to tell them that if they are really interested in finding out what Catholic teaching is, you’ll be happy to point them to free online versions of the catechism. But that other than that, you’re done with these discussions.


It’s typical of some Protestants…they see the title “Vicar of Christ” as meaning that the Pope has usurped the role of Christ as the head of the church…Christ gave Peter the role to lead his (Christs) church…he told him that upon this rock (Peter) I will build my church…and I will give you authority that whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven…whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven…he gave to Peter the great commission…three times…“feed my sheep”…don’t listen to false teachings


No, and also I worship God not a god, so it should be capitalised


He gave that to all the Apostles. It is called the Apostolic Succession not Peter’s succession. I have to say that this nitpicking on which of the apostles were more favored by Christ sounds more like a wordly quarrel of us here, clerics and lay people, not yet in Heaven, not knowing if we will pass God’s Judgement while ALL the first Apostles are in Heaven. And this one-sided view of the 2000 years history of the Catholic Church does not give justice to the ecclesiastical tradition and ideas promoted that the Church of Rome founded.
I wonder what Saint Peter himself thinks of all this together with his 11 brothers in Christ. The Catholic Church teaches and discusses things in a far more nuanced way than your post.
To the OP - the internet contains a lot of information you can’t check. If this causes you spiritual trouble please stay away from it for a while, I have. If people in real life are nasty to you for being a Catholic pray for them, especially relatives. Don’t take decisions on what people say without examples and sources. Christ is not the result of the sum of everyone’s opinion. Christ is one. Have you experienced His presence in the Catholic Church? If yes, then why fret?


Short answer: no.

Longer answer: there are lots of people looking for clubs to beat the Pope with, and the Popes have said many things over the centuries. It’s not that hard to find something to misrepresent or take out of context.


Excuse me??are you denying Peter was given authority by Christ to lead his church…


She is Orthodox so that’s probably why.



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