Did the "Roman church" persecute and slaughter Jews?


Did the “Roman church” persecute and slaughter Jews as I heard Pastor John Hagee declare on national TV? He also said the "Roman church"
was behind the holocaust.


What is the "roman church’?


I believe he is referring to the Roman Catholic church.


John Hagee also said expressing emotions in hope this will influence a family member’s treatment of oneself is “witchcraft”; a former First Family was Ahab and Jezebel all over again and that allowing the two of them to conduct their personal lives as they did would bring down Gods’ judgment on America; there are two ways to be saved, one for Jews and one for Gentiles (what a surprise for the earliest Christians, mostly Jews, who suffered and often died for the faith); God always punishes men who listen tot heir wives (then why does He tell men to listen to their wives, and why are so many wives in the Bible right when their husbands are wrong, and why are so many families blessed when the wives make decisions etc.?)…Hagee is not to be taken seriously. Period.

And actually the Jews persecuted the Church at first, then the two lived in peace for a long time, then the Church protected the Jews as common enemies of the Muslims, then many Jewish leaders sided with the Muslims against the Christians and then Christians started persecuting Jews – but only those who disguised themselves as Christians. This led to Jews having to make themselves recognizable, which made it harder to be accepted in society, and they often had to move about to find ways to survive. In doing so they found themselves at the forefront of the new international wave of trade at the end of the Middle Ages, which sparked envy in some Christians and caused more rivalry. The universal practical need to live in peace and the universal desire to trade instead of wasting resources fighting eventually cooled that problem down. Soon enough they were at peace again. Later anti-Semitic movements have been anti-Christian-in-general or anti-Catholic. The whole thing was a tragedy, and we’re all trying to mend things now. History is complicated. People like John Hagee look for conflicts from history, hack off all the context, load the scales on one side, and try to sell the result.


There have been, unfortunately, persecutions of Jews from OT times right up to the present. That the RCC was involved in some of these is a sad fact of Church history.

That the Church was ‘behind’ the Holocaust, whatever that is supposed to mean, is about as ridiculous as everything else Hagee spouts.

The Church, under the leadership of Pius XII, did what it could to oppose Fascism. That it did not do enough as a matter open to debate, hindsight always being clearer. Being located smack dab in the middle of a Fascist country was an obvious hurdle to its opposition.

My own wife, who is Jewish, was saved from extermination by courageous Dutch Catholics who passed her off as their own child, at great risk to themselves.


I totally agree.
The man is becoming, IMNSHO, increasingly bizarre in his belief system. Its like he’s :rolleyes: making it up as he goes along.

Having had the privilege a little lady from Rotterdam (albeit she removed to the USA in the 19thC).for a great-grandmother, I know well the backbone of those folks…God bless them. They knew what was right, and they did it. May their souls, and the souls of all the faithful departed, rest in peace.:byzsoc:


LOL. Pilate must be glad to hear it. Mat. 27:19.

Hagee is not to be taken seriously. Period.

True on so many levels.


LOL. Pilate must be glad to hear it. Mat. 27:19.

Hagee is not to be taken seriously. Period.

True on so many levels.


didn’t this guy a while back apologize for all his anti-catholic remarks…listening to tv evangiacls is pure pioson,in my opinion a “weak” catholic could most likely do better watching a p movie.


That’s why I was surprised to see him on daystar christian tv sep 11, 2008 telling Marcus Lamb that
a leader under orders by the “Roman Church” herded almost 200 JEWS into a building and burned them alive.
He then went on to say that Adolph Hitler , being a Roman Catholic , was inspired by the “Roman Church” to exterminate the JEWS.
Maybe he called it the “Roman church” thinking he
was not betraying his apology.
In fairness, it could have been a rerun originated before that public apology.

I didn’t catch all the specifics of the purported
Can anyone shed light on this?


This is all lies. No doubt there had to be some baptised “catholics” among the nazis who persecuted the Jews, but the Catholic Church was one of the few organisations that spoke up for the Jews AT THE TIME - not years later. The protestant churches in germany had a far far worse record, forming the German christians and expelling pastors with jewish blood. But these people long to slander the catholic Church.

Read** The Myth of Hitlers Pope** by Rabbi David Dalin


A while back, I saw him on Benny Hinn’s show (I was flipping through the channels) plugging his book. Given that Hinn is notorious for bizarre theology and making thing up as he goes along (for example, that God is really nine persons, since each person of the trinity has his own trinity :rolleyes: ), the fact that Hagee would appear on his program speaks volumes.


What is your source for that? And what exactly do you mean by ‘…forming the German Christians…’?

I’m not doubting that such things may have happened; nonetheless, many Protestant clergy opposed the Nazis and suffered martyrdom for doing so. Bonhoeffer is perhaps the best known, but there were many others.


IIRC there are 45 Catholic Churches in Rome. Which one is he referring to?


Looking at church history in a broader scope, it would be closer to the truth to say that the Church persecuted everyone else than the Jews. Jews living in Europe who flat out didn’t believe in the divinity of Christ, called him a false prophets and his followers idolatrous, were left in peace, while a Christian who believed that Jesus was of like substance as the Father (homoi-ousios) rather than of the same substance (homo-ousios) might be charged with heresy - that’s for putting *one *“i” where it doesn’t belong :slight_smile:

There has in some instances been persecutions, but most of the time the Jews were tolerated. Only Catholics could be officially persecuted, since they were under ecclesial jurisdiction.

And may I add, that it was the Jews who were in charge of most of the first persecutions of Christians… and even today, Christians in Israel have a very hard time because of the orthodox Jews. I’m not trying to be an antisemite in any way, I’m just pointing out that it goes both ways.

Christians have killed Jews in the name of Jesus, and Jews have killed Christians in the name of JHWH… both of them acting contrary to their religion and their God. Neither the Church, nor Israel consists of sinless people. That’s the a fact of human nature…

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