Did the Vatican help funnel Nazis to Argentina?


In this thread, Uki Goni’s book The Real Odessa: Smuggling the Nazis to Peron’s Argentina was mentioned. I began, but did not finish reading, that book. In it, Goni implicates the Vatican, some of its pro-nuncios, and Pope Pius XII as being accessories to helping Nazis resettle in Argentina at the end of World War II.

It didn’t appear to me that Goni was trying to do a hatchet job on the Church; he appeared to be well sourced. Has anyone else read this book? Is there other literature supporting or refuting Goni’s research and claim?

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Why would you even think any of that could be true. So many Dan Brown types making movies and selling books for money and hatred of the Catholic Church and so many Catholics seemingly ready to believe it could be true.


After the expulsion of the Axis from North Africa Pius XII felt that the Allies had won the war, and continued fighting was merely prolonging the doomed German regime. His policy was therefore to try to end the war by persuading the Germans to surrender, which he did by extending discreet feelesr to the Nazi hierarchy, almost certainly including guarantees of personal safety.
Though we don’t exactly what happened it, seems that some of the Nazis took him up on those promises towards the end of the war. Though basically the Pope’s policy of ending the war early failed it might not have failed entirely. No German resistance materialised after the war, and the south surrendered after the fall of Berlin.


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