Did they hear the voice?


In todays reading their is the choice of two readings from Acts, both versions of Saul/Paul’s conversion. From Acts 9 it reads “The men who were traveling with him stood speechless,
for **they heard the voice **but could see no one.” Then the other reading from Acts 22 reads “My companions saw the light **but did not hear the voice of the one **who spoke to me.” Am I missing something, did his companions hear the voice or not?


Paul may have meant his companions couldn’t understand what the Lord was saying. I heard of this happening in modern apparitions, too. People other than the seer(s) sometimes hear or see things, but not all that the seer(s) have seen and/or heard. There was an incident in which Jesus heard his Father speak but those around him only heard a sound like thunder, as I recall. Paul and his companions may have had a similar experience.


Thanks I did not think of it that way. Now that you mentioned it that is what I had heard but forgot.


Your quite welcome. :slight_smile: May I ask what prompted your question? Were you merely curious?


Yes you may ask. As I was reading both readings today ( why who knows maybe that where the question came from, I mean what lunatic reads all the options) I noticed this inconsitity. And it puzzled me that in the same book of the Bible did they hear or not. And if they did hear I would have expected it to be consistant as hearing God speak would be amazing and life changing as it was for Paul.


Della if you respond I’ll see it tommorrow as I am going home.


I haven’t read the readings for today yet, I plan on doing so in about 10 minutes (4PM CST) as a part of my daily routine of reading the Mass readings and praying Evening Prayer.

It would be interesting to learn what happened to Paul’s companions after having the experience they had with Paul. But, of course, their experience may have been quite different from his because the Lord wasn’t calling them to serve him in the same way as he was Paul. The Bible is often silent about the fate of such peripheral persons. We can only imagine what it meant to them–good things let us hope!


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