Did you allow God to choose your spouse?


What I mean is that did you leave it in God’s hands? If so, how did it end up?


I saw a woman and having looked for a few moments I said to my friend “that’s the kind of girl I’d like to marry.” Less importantly but virtually the same kind of occurrence before I had a house or even wanted one I said to the same friend “that’s the sort of house I’d like to live in.”
Forty years later I’m still with her and the house was our first house, the latter purely by chance, if you believe in such things.

Perfectly true. Thanks be to God.


Praise be to God with your testimony.


Sorry I responded so late, but out of curiosity, did your wife fall short of expectations in terms of looks but you still loved her, or did she end up better looking than you ever dreamed of physically, or did she end up looking exactly the way you wanted?


I thought she was the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen, I was totally smitten.

I’m wondering why you’re asking these questions :wink:?

I take it you’re young and haven’t yet met what we call our true love?


Perhaps you do not see it, but that is a very shallow question that you asked. How would the answer to that affect you one way or the other? All it does is show that you are putting more weight on superficial physical qualities than someone’s personality and inner beauty.


There is something I should say about this. The superficial aspects are one thing but actually it took me many years before I understood why I was ‘paired’ with her, and those reasons were spiritual not physical.

This life of ours is for our spiritual growth. The physical may give us pleasure today but the spiritual may lead us to eternal joy and no earthly love can compare to that given by Our Heavenly Father.


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