Did you ever hear of some really good conversion stories?


Okay, so last year someone who was converting to the Catholic faith was speaking at Mass. The man was formally Methodist. He was speaking and said he was struggling with his faith and one night he had a dream that Christ spoke to him and told him that the Catholic Church was the true Church. The whole congregation including me was shocked. Great thing to hear, wouldn’t you agree?


Sounds amazing and glorious :slight_smile: :).


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Dear Catholic Z09,

What a heart warming testimony indeed. It is surely possible that God can manifest His will through dreams, even today. If a dream is of God, the object of which one dreams will be good and pure in itself and in no way unworthy of God. The dream will impel the recepient to holiness of life and give no rise to evil impulses. The dream which this man had respecting the Church appears to fulfill this criteria.

I spent 25 years closely studying the Catholic dogma before God called me to his Church, but when He did that call was unmistakable. Those years of intensive study and painstaking research were all worth it in the end and I feel that I am fairly well equiped now to help others in their journey home to Rome.

Warmest good wishes,



Cool! That’s exciting :D. God bless you in your evangelistic efforts!!!


Yea I was a satanist before I found JC. No like seriously I worshipped the devil. Then I realized the message of Jesus isnt control but love and understanding.


I love this thread! I totally wish Jesus would come in one of my dreams…
I was hanging around the wrong crowd in middle school and doing drugs, drinking, parties… Over time it took a toll on my fragile health. One night I had a psychotic episode and was admitted to the ward. Before that I never prayed to God nor knew Jesus Christ as the Son of God, all I knew was God and the Ten Commandments from what I took with me from first communion as a child. After this episode, my friends abandoned me but God didn’t. I came back home recovering my health. One night as I was unable to sleep I cried out to God to help me and colors manifested in my room, then the Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared. I had no idea what that was until recently I learned about the Virgin Mary. I didn’t know who she was at all till recently. I knew that my mom and grandma were praying for me and they have a devotion to her. At that time I went back to Church and as the priest was giving a homily about Jesus. I couldn’t understand it but it was as though the eyes of my spirit saw a white dove with him, as though the Holy Spirt was speaking through him. I asked my sister in the pew, “whose Jesus?” and she replied “that’s God’s son dummy” in a very sisterly way. From then on I read the Word of God everyday and began to recover. Thanks be to the Trinity and Mother Mary for interceding on my behalf to save me from the hell I was in. I am now in fellowship and a practicing Catholic :wink:


Your story touched me so much! Surely, the Lord will open up the eyes of the one who calls out in his name! Amazing Grace!

I started to get real emotional when you said “My friends abandoned me, but God didn’t.” That’s so wonderful. This just proves that GOD is Love! This also proves that Mother Mary loves ALL her children on Earth!


I have a conversion story. I once worked as a taxi driver. Each shift change my counterpart on days and I stopped for coffee usually in the morning around 6 am.

Each day he complained about how tough life was. I myself was at that time reading the life of St Joseph of Cupertino who used to often ask God to have mercy when He was praying for help for someone. This day my shift partner was crying about losing his girlfriend. I was aware he had very bad morals and had been a member of a motorcycle gang as a young guy and was very crude. This was suitable to taxi driving.

As he talked I prayed and listened which was my custom. Finally I had to interrupt and ask him if his parents or someone hadnt told him about faith about God because he just didnt have anything to say that demonstrated even basic goodness. He remarked that neither of his parents were Christian and he never heard about God at all while growing up. I was amazed I recognized what a privilege it was for me to have so many great helps in coming to the faith and felt very sorry for him. In my mind I asked God to have mercy on this man. When it was time to go a few minutes later we stopped to shake hands in the middle of the coffee shop. Instantly I felt my heart open up as if a door had openned and power rushed forth from my heart through my body and out of my hand. He had hold of my hand and immediately took my hand in both of his hands dropped down on his knees and had tears streaming down his face. This state lasted about thirty of forty seconds then my heart closed up and the rest of the power drained out of me through my hand. I did not want to tell him what I had experienced so I asked him what he had experienced and he said without hesitation. “As soon as I touched your hand I felt power come out of it the power went in my hands and up my arms through my body and into my mind. I saw my whole life pass before me and I know that all my problems are my own fault and whoever is your God is my God.”

I took him to a Catholic Church and told him about the true presence and lead him in a few prayers. I explained he needed to find a priest and take lessons to become a Catholic. That day I had to leave the city and was gone a few months. When I returned I went to look him up and see how he was doing but he had had a massive heart attack and died about two weeks after his conversion. He was 26 years old at the time. Please pray for him.


Sounds to me like it was God’s good timing. God sent his power to, and through, you to help this man come to Christ. We never know when we’ll be “called home.”

I don’t have any real conversion story of my own. It wasn’t a dramatic thing. God just led me slowly, and I do mean slowly, into His church. I was a protestant with the usual complaint against the Catholic church. “Don’t bother with those catholic people, they have everything wrong.” But God led me to the truth over a period of about 8 years. Then I finally found a church and started RCIA. There’s been no looking back ever since.


I am very inspired by the story and the priestly vocation of Fr. Donald Calloway

  • from a very trouble childhood to a profound conversion …then to become a priest with strong devotion to the Immaculate.



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