Did you ever relocate to follow someone you love?


I am a Catholic freelance writer doing an article about “relocating for love.” I am looking to interview sources who fulfill one of the following criteria:

  1. You moved to a new town/state/country to follow someone you loved (someone you were not yet engaged to)

  2. You decided NOT to relocate for someone and have strong feelings about that choice

  3. You experienced someone moving into town for you

If you experienced one of the above scenarios, and would like to be interviewed for the article, please contact me immediately at interviewsources@gmail.com. You can also PM me, but I won’t be able to check the forums often. In your reply, please briefly describe your experience and leave your name and contact number.

Thank you for your interest! I would like to obtain a wide variety of sources that reflect geographic diversity.


I am not really wanting to actually be interviewed, but I wanted to comment anyways since it is a forum, and I could bump your original post anyways for you.

When I first met my then boyfriend (now DH), I was really into politics and I had just finished working as a political aide in a nearby city. I had moved back to my home city and met my then BF and I knew he was the one, so to speak. I was working for a Government Agency and had a pretty decent job there. After 6 months of dating, I got a once in a lifetime job offer (that was how I saw it at the time) to work for a politician I absolutely idolized. But I would have to move to the capital of the country, which was on the other side of the country.

Interestingly enough, my DH’s parents live in the capital and he lived there for much of his life before moving to our home city for althetics and university. He COULD have moved with me, but we only knew each other for 6 months so it felt a bit early. We had only recently declared our love for each other.

DH knew I wanted this job so badly. I was torn over it. I knew that because it was a political job, it was unstable. If the politician I would be working for lost in the next election, I would not have the job I dreamed of any longer. I also knew that I shouldn’t be padding my resume with just political-partisan jobs.

I decided to stay, and give my then BF a chance. I knew that it was rare to feel so strongly about someone and I couldn’t give it up. I was 23 when this all happened. Still pretty young.

We got engaged when we were 25, and I stayed at my Government job… and I am very happy I made the decision to stay. I have a family now, and that politician lost in the federal election that following year and has since retired.


Thanks, Sina. Sounds like you made a good choice:thumbsup:


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