Did you go to a elementary catholic school? and


Well said. 50 years later it is all changed. I remember lighting candles in church.


“It didn’t work”

My poorly educated FRIEND, you’re “didn’t work out” IS a SHORT COURSE ON HOW TO ATTAIN HEAVEN, and yes I do years of Catholic Education

May GOD GUIDE your path



Went to catholic elementary and high school. We were taught a lot about the real presence and importance of going to mass on sundays and going to confession after mortal sins. However, I strayed away from the church during high school and I think this was due to the fact that we didn’t receive much instruction on why we should believe in God. If you happened to believe in God and the bible already, then the instruction was good. But I didn’t receive satisfactory instruction on why the gospels were historically reliable, for example.


Yes you are right. My school Did NOT teach me or my catholic friends.
The Believes Authority. This is what makes being a christian . meaningful. And real!!


1st to 5th grade. Wasn’t challenged in the math and science arena, so talked my parents into public school, much better. This was late 60’s. Classes of 50 plus kids, lay teachers with no credentials. Very confusing times due to Vatican II. Recall religious training was keep your hands folded and pointing straight up so the angel can sit there…whack! (My idea was provide a lounge chair rather than a high stool…) :disappointed_relieved:

Still feel I learned a significant amount of faith to help me through the 50 or so years since then!


Wow … Thanks…,…


I went for 6th and 7th grade to avoid the “inner city” public middle school, then we moved to a better district and I went back to public school.

This is basically the same for me. I didn’t really learn much about the actual Catechism. Actually, nothing at all. We went to Mass every Friday AM and got a half day off on First Fridays.

The math & science education was sub-par. 7th grade I had four different math teachers because they kept leaving. The math being taught ranged from:

  • one teacher giving us two chalkboards filled with three column multiplication problems, like 546 x 678 = ____ most days of the week
  • a teacher who handed us "pre-algebra’ workbooks and told us to work through them at home

In Biology class, the teacher posed the question: "Why can people still swallow if they’re standing on their head?"
One boy offered, “Because there’s no gravity in the body?” And the teacher responded with a thoughtful, “Hmm…” nodded "yes,’ and changed the subject. :expressionless:

The same teacher told us that paramecium cells can float in a drop of water because they’re so small that gravity doesn’t affect them. :open_mouth:

There were two incidents when one boy beat up another boy in the locker room shower after a basketball game. The rest of the team was there to see it. (I was not on the basketball team and didn’t witness it)

What’s scary is that looking back on it, what happened wasn’t a matter of one boy “bullying” another, which was how we regarded it at the time–it was a full on sexual assault that occurred while both were naked in the showers. The victim’s mom fought with the school principal (a nun) over it, but no disciplinary action was taken so far as I’m aware.

The kids weren’t any better behaved than the kids were in public school. There was frequent bullying, disrespectful behavior toward teachers, foul language, etc. This was 1977-1979.


Yes fighting w/o any conquences was common. At the catholic school.



Yes, went to a Catholic elementary school where I was badly bullied.


12 years Catholic schools. +Grad school.

Great math. Two languages … Latin & French.

Baltimore Catechism … all editions plus a lot of bible study … stories at first plus personal copies of the Bible in 12th Grade.

Always loved being able to visit the Blessed Sacrament at various times of the day. Acquired the habit of daily Mass whenever there was a Catholic Church in the area.


Ya know, I don’t ever recall seeing any of the sisters actually using a ruler to MEASURE anything! :thinking:


I was bullied at my Catholic secondary school too. I don’t blame it on the school being Catholic but UK secondary schools (11-16) tend to be big, impersonal and with little supervision and discipline so I guess it’s inevitable to an extent.

I feel I am Catholic in spite of school rather than because of it. Constantly hearing talk about the wonderful Catholic ethos of the place in combination with the hostile bullying culture really made me see Catholicism in a negative way. I didn’t get confirmed because it would have meant additional contact with people from school.

I’d really think twice before sending my child to a Catholic school.


Yes I understand. There are “clicks” and mean people in catholic schools.

As I said to my mother " I can’t seem to find any good catholics" where I fit in?


Wow, thank you for that description. I wish I had grown up in that time period, and I try to re-create at least some of those things in my home.
Our whole culture in general is a mess. : (


I went to public school, but a lot of my friends went to Catholic school. Both school system had a lot of fights- it was just part of going to school in the 1960’s and 70’s


The Catholic schools I attended did NOT educate and teach how to deal with the culture out side of the catholic system.


Honestly, it would help if people would include the years (or decade) that they attended public school. I think the average public school is very different between the 1960s, 1990s, or now.


For the record I sat my GCSEs (age 16) in 2004


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