Did you go to a Rosary Rally on October 10?


Our local Rosary Rally was not listed on an “official” Rosary Rally website, but it was very uplifting to attend. It was held by the steps outside our parish church in view of a busy street.

Most of the attendees were women–the one man was our deacon. We prayed in English, Portuguese and Hungarian. Well, we prayed in our own language but as we took turns leading each decade, that person was encouraged to pray in their own language and we responded in our language. It was a good feeling to think that these languages are all united in saying the same thing. Of course, even in English there are slight differences, such as in the Hail Mary where some of us use “thee” and “thine” and others use “you” and “yours” (depending where and when you learned the prayer, I guess).

One younger woman joined us late and led the last decade. Her Hail Mary was a little different in that instead of saying “blessed is the fruit of thy/your womb, Jesus” she said “blessed is your child, Jesus”. I was curious about this but didn’t ask her. I simply figured there was a new simplified version they were teaching young people today.

However :eek: a little exploration on the internet found The Feminist Rosary.

Sorry, I am getting to be of retirement age and had never heard of this. (I would give a link for it but I could not find one that seemed okay to me :confused: so if you are interested, try a google yourself).

At least she didn’t pray the “Our Father and Mother”.

Anyway, aside from that, praying together for over an hour outside the church was very inspiring and invigorating.


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