Did you go to an All Saints Day Mass?


It was not obligatory in the US . . . . but did you go anyway? Why?


I went to Mass this morning at a nearby parish that was the only one in the area having multiple Masses – even the more conservative, traditional parishes (one of which I am a member) were only having two Masses this morning. It was very nice, and fairly well attended.

I know it wasn’t officially “obligatory,” but it just didn’t seem right for All Saints Day NOT to be a Holy Day of Obligation.

So I went.


Unfortunately I had to work at 6 am and the only Mass offered was at 7 am. If I had been able to I would have gone.


I was planning on going but I did not wake up until 8 am and the only Mass we had was at 8:30. The mass tonight is for tomorrow.


Didn’t go. Our priest is out of town this week so no Masses except Sunday.


Yep went to the 7:00 a.m. and it was really nice. Lots of people. I really wanted to thank the Saints for all they do for me all year. Also today is First Saturday.:heaven:


In my country it’s a holy day of obligation.
Sometimes old people refer to it as “little Christmas”.


yes we had Mass for CCD students and families as high point of our All Saints fiesta. church was packed, as other parishioners also took advantage of the opportunity.


I attended a mass at a nursing home with the elders there. It was very nice.


Yes. My fiance and I attended both the Vigil of All Saints Day and the Vigil of All Souls Day (we had to do the vigils because of his work schedule). Both were beautiful - and helped confirm my desire to join the Catholic Church.


I went to mass because I wanted to offer it up for the election. I do believe all those baby Saints can pray for us. And the Dear Lord knows just how many baby Saints there are (sadly).


Actually I went for First Saturday AM reconciliation but the door was closed and the “reconciliation line starts here” sign wasn’t out, so I decided to go to Mass. I came back later in the day for the regular reconciliation time (during which I found out the priest HAD been in the confessional that morning :blush: ) and then stayed for the All Souls Vigil to sing with the choir.


Yes, since I go to Mass daily and am fortunate enough to be member of a parish which offers daily Mass on Saturdays.

But even if it didn’t, I wouldn’t miss this solemnity.



Yes I went and prayed the litany I found in the front of my Magnificat prayer book. The litany suggested to add any saints not listed so I added St Anna the Prophetess. I would love to learn more about her and I don’t think she has a very big fan club. I always felt so sorry for St Simeon who was not allowed to die until he saw Jesus. He was waaaay over 100 when Jesus finally appeared in the temple. Anna was also in the temple but all we know about her is that she was widowed after 7 years of marriage and then spent the rest of her life fasting and praying in the temple. According to my research she was in her late 80’s or 90’s when she saw Jesus and then spent the rest of her long life spreading the word that our savior was born. I can’t imagine fasting every day but she is helping me fast these nine days before the election. I was never able to fast before I asked for her help. She is now my special “old” friend.


It WAS obligatory for my wife and I.

We belong to an Institute of Christ the King parish. I believe they now answer directly to the Pope, and they did NOT do away with this holy day of obligation.


Even at an ICR parish it would still not be a Holy Day of Obligation in the US.

The Holy Days of Obligation are determined by the Bishops’ Conference of a given country. And the US Bishops have decided (with the permission of the Holy See) that if certain Holy Days of Obligation fall on a Saturday or a Monday then the obligation to attend Mass is abrogated.

The Liturgical Calendars used in the Ordinary and Extraordinary Forms of the Roman Rite may be a bit different but the Holy Days of Obligation are the same.



The bulletin said it was and the priest specifically mentioned it as well.

Frankly, it also confused me at the time. I’ll have to ask him to explain it some time…

Anyway, we would have gone either way.


I went. I was happy to go.

My parish is typically only Sunday and HDO masses, so I was happy to see we were even having one, even though I had to sit through the Ennio Morricone guitar playing. :rolleyes:


I didn’t go because Saturday Masses are only held in the mornings, here, and I teach Catechism at that time. :shrug:


I went – but I might as well not have since I kept zoning out, especially during the priest’s homily and the Eucharistic Prayer. :ehh:

I had to meet with the priest afterwards, though, and I wanted to celebrate All Saint’s Day since I didn’t last year when it was obligatory.

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