DId you Know MIchael Moore...


went to seminary to train to be a priest. I was watching him on Tavis Smiley and Moore started talking about things people would never have guessed about him.


I would have never guessed he was even Catholic.


Is he really? sad isn’t it…


Ick! I remember back when Michael Moore had a TV show on Fox called TV Nation. I watched it several times and decided then that he was a smarmy creep. I haven’t changed my mind.

And now I think he’s the ugliest man in the world since Yasser Arafat has died.


Somebody has obviously never heard of Rosie O Donnol or Ann Coulter:p


Although he is a total media hog, I think Michael Moore standing up for the marginalized is noble!

Hahaha on the Yassr Arafat comment! Too funny.


Hitler was a cathedral choirboy, and Josef Goebbels wanted to be a priest, too.

Amazin’, ain’t it?


Stalin also trained in a seminary for a while (Orthodox of course, not Catholic, so they can claim that mess right there)


Yea, I was going to bring up the fact that Richard Simmons also went to seminary briefly–with he and Michael Moore, the system actually worked!


Hes standing up for who…:confused: himself maybe…:eek:


At least Richard does stand up for the ‘marginalized’


In a lengthy New Yorker article written in 2004, Larissa MacFarquhar briefly notes his seminary experience.

As a child in the sixties (he was born in 1954), he was sent to Catholic school, where he was a good, obedient student. After eighth grade, he enrolled in a seminary: he admired the Berrigan brothers and thought that the priesthood was the way to effect social change. This resolve lasted only through his first year, though, after the Detroit Tigers made it to the World Series for the first time in Moore’s life and the seminary wouldn’t allow him to watch the games. He discovered girls in band practice (the seminary wasn’t big enough to have a band of its own), and by tenth grade he had reëntered the secular world.


Michael Moore has reclaimed what many liberals have forgotten, and which conservative talk radio thrives on - it is not enough to be right, you need to have fun, too.


So when Michael Moore was in the seminary, the Tigers beat the Cardinals in 1968. And when Michael Moore turned into a nonsensical spinmeister, the Tigers lost to the Cardinals in 2006. Proof that God is punishing Detroit for letting that sheep loose.


You can call Ann Coulter a lot of things but “ugly” is not one of them.


WOW! I ws in the seminary too! SIEG HEIL!:smiley:


Problem is his Docmumenteries are mostly fiction.


[quote="biblioassistant]And now I think he’s the ugliest man in the world since Yasser Arafat has died.

I knew that Rosie O Donnel was the ugliest man, but I am shocked about Ann Coulter!


Moore makes no dispute that he is mainly an entertainer. I’ve heard Rush Limbaugh say the same about himself. These guys talk politics, but they want to give their audience a good time.


What upsets me is when people take what michael moore says for literal fact instead of the liberal propaganda that it actually is.


hmm…I never thought Ann Coulter was ugly…too old for me, but I never thought of her as ugly.

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