Did You Neglect Your Confirmation Saint



I was Confirmed when I was 15 years old, that same year I did a visit to Mexico and stayed with a Mexican Family. I visited the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe twice and had such a strong devotion to her at that time that when I was Confirmed I took the name Juan Diego as my Confirmation Saint. However, in all honesty since being Confirmed a number of years ago I have not prayed to him or had much devotion to him.

I ordered myself a statue of him yesterday and intend to ask for his intercession more often. I know that nowadays not every country has this tradition of taking a Confirmation names. People were surprised that I took Juan Diego but anyway, has anyone else “neglected” their Confirmation Saints?

I suppose most people are extremely devoted to their Confirmation Saints. I love the Saints and have so many I am devoted to but I let my devoted to Juan Diego slip…


I’m happy that you became reconnected with your confirmation saint.

I had the misfortune to find out that my confirmation saint didn’t exist. Nice story, typical of early martyrs, but no real person to connect to.

So what I’ve done instead is find other saints I feel a connection with: Blessed Miguel Pro & Jose (20th century martyrs), St. Martha (to help slay the dragon of housekeeping), and St. Pauline Visintainer (diabetes).

I ask for their prayers & assistance daily.


I named my second daughter after my Saint: Veronica :thumbsup:

Read up on Juan Diego. He is often portrayed as a little boy, but he was a grown man, very humble and gentle. Fascinating story of obedience. :slight_smile:


Pax Christi!

While adrift from the barque of St. Peter, I did indeed neglect St. James, but now I celebrate his feast-day, July 25.

Big Jim, ora pro nobis!

God bless.


We celebrate our saint’s days in my family and I share a saint with one of my children. I had a devotion to her before I chose her for my own and I continue to keep her in mind.


Our school didn’t do the best job when it came to helping us to choose a saint. We were given a big illustrated book of saints, told to pick the one we liked and write a short paper on why. Nearly everyone in class went with what they felt was the coolest looking picture or the coolest sounding name without bothering to actually find out anything about their saint. After Confirmation I didn’t really give any thought to my saint until I started becoming serious about my faith a few years ago. I don’t have a particularly strong devotion to him but I do ask for his prayers on a regular basis.


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