Did You Think Andy Kaufman Would Return?

Andy Kaufman, brilliant comedian and performer, once said that a great prank would be to fake one’s own death and then resurface twenty years later. Twenty years after he died of cancer, many fans thought that he would reappear, thus pulling the greatest prank of all time. Sadly, he did not. Did you think that he might re-emerge? What are your thoughts on Andy? What is your favorite skit/performance?

At first I thought his death was probably his version of a practical joke. It would have been very much in keeping with his sense of humor.

But if he were still out there, I think he’d have re-emerged by now. Most performers need attention…

I saw him on SNL before he was on ‘Taxi’, and he was brilliant. But when he got into the whole idea that comedy didn’t need to be funny, he lost me: insulting the audience, wrestling with women, the constant rage… it was performance art, I suppose, but not something I needed to see.

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