Did your parish have a Corpus Christi procession?

My parish had a procession this year as always. It was very beautiful. I was in charge of the incense, and the whole church was so foggy after Mass. I stayed for like an hour to clean up after the Mass, and it was still foggy when I left. I was worried that some people would be upset, but I got/heard a lot of positive comments about it. There’s just something about singing “Holy God, We Praise Thy Name” and standing in an incensed-filled church. So heavenly.

Ours used to a few years back but turn out was dismal, so not any more.

Yup, our parish definitely did! The procession and incense was amazing. :smiley: We don’t normally use incense so it’s always great when they do use it.

The feast of Corpus Christi is always a big deal as our parish is actually named Corpus Christi, so this is when we do our annual Outdoor Mass. It often rains that day (figures) but today we finally had beautiful weather for it.

And you can’t go wrong with the BBQ afterwards. :thumbsup:

Yes, we have one every year.

Yes. Some of us were trying to recall how long we have been holding one and we figured they started about five years ago. I should ask Father to be sure. At any rate, it was the same as the years before, that is to say, on a grand scale and very dignified as always.

Our route took us around the block for nearly a mile, and lasted a bit over an hour. We had four altars. We began in the church with the singing of O Salutaris Hostia. Then we proceeded into the parking lot for the first altar and had Benediction there. Accompanying each Benediction was a Gospel passage and Collect. Between each altar we sang a hymn and then prayed a decade of the Rosary. We alternated between using English and Spanish - attendees were mostly Hispanic and the procession replaced the regularly-scheduled 8:30 Spanish Mass. The second and third altars were at private residences in the neighborhood. A parishioner used a pickup truck containing a generator and public address equipment with wireless microphones so the choir and ministers could be heard. Our fourth and final altar was in the church itself, where we had a final benediction, the Divine Praises, and reposition.

Hymn repertoire:
O Salutaris Hostia
Panis Angelicus
Bendito, Bendito
Tantum Ergo (at each altar)
Es Mi Cuerpo
O Sacrament Most Holy
Altísimo Señor
Pan de Vida
Adoro Te Devote
Una Espiga
Holy God, We Praise Thy Name

Nope. I do miss them.

Yes :slight_smile: The whole nine yards. Alter boys, first communicants in white, incense, singing, the Eucharist, 2 priests, Knights of Columbus, laity. All processed to an alter 8 blocks away in our Catholic cemetery, stopping traffic along the way. We prayed the rosary and then processed back to the church. The weather was good and we had a good turnout.

Not this year. Dangerous storms.

Yes, we did. It historically was a Polish parish, in the USA, and I have seen photos of processions from decades ago, with altars set up along the way. The custom sadly faded; we have a very traditional priest and he revived it for the first time this year. We had a few hundred people, went around the block, then back to Church, then pizza afterwards.

BTW, we didn’t do any additional altars or stations this year. But is there a significance to pausing at 4 altars in particular? Maybe the 4 gospels? Does the church count as one altar, or two, if you return to it?

This is beside the point of course, just curious. We had the canopy of course; I can’t imagine where it was stored all these years, or if we got if from a local closed church.

I just looked up the reasoning for the four altars, and they signify “the four corners of the earth”.


Thanks for the link. It appears to me like Father used this directly as his playbook. In fact an introductory announcement directly quoted the order of precedence.

We did! And adoration! And benediction! It was wonderful!

We did not have a procession or incense at my church.


Pax Christi!

That sounds wonderful! I’m so happy for you! Wish we had anything like that! WITH Holy God We Praise Thy Name!! WOW!

God bless!

I used to be sad because I couldnt not make the noonday Latin Mass at the cathedral, but I could be at the 3 o’clock mass. The incense still lingered. 2nd hand incense is still blessed. I will have to catch the Corpus Christi procession next year.

I watched the Mass and procession on EWTN last night. They hsd the Knights of Columbus and little girls with baskets of flowers.
It was nice.

I am surprised by the suggestion that use of incense is not used every sunday at mass! Is it really that unusual in the US?

We have a corpus christi procession on holy Thursday otherwise most Lutherans do not move the Sacrament from the tabernacle/ ambry.

The Feast of Corpus Christi (Latin for Body of Christ), also known as Corpus Domini, is a Latin Rite liturgical solemnity celebrating the tradition and belief in the body and blood of Jesus Christ and his Real Presence in the Eucharist. It emphasizes the joy of the institution of the Eucharist, which was observed on Holy Thursday in the somber atmosphere of the nearness of Good Friday.

In the present Roman Missal, the feast is designated the solemnity of The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ.[1] It is also celebrated in some Anglican, Lutheran, and Old Catholic Churches that hold similar beliefs regarding the Real Presence.

We didn’t have a procession… though we had a couple songs in Mass for Corpus Christi, Tantum Ergo and Ave Verum Corpus. Later in the day, they had a Corpus Christi holy hour with our young adult choir (20 and 30 year olds), which had those songs, as well as a majority of classical artists who wrote Catholic hymns (Bach, Schubert, Victoria, Mozart, etc)… with a majority of songs being in Latin. Benediction was included as well as incense.

I took my wife with me to that holy hour… she was having such a rough day, and that hour of spiritual music calmed her. It was just amazing and oh so beautiful.

Our procession was almost exactly like this one, except that we had several other organizations (not just the Knights) processing with banners through the neighborhood.

Hmgbrd, you don’t happen to go to Mater Dei parish in Irving, do you?

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