Didache Bible vs. Promised Ignatius Study Bible


What is this Bible?

Are there any links to sample pages?

Is this the promised Ignatius Study bible or is this a completely different product?


There is a sample page on Tim McCormicks Catholic Bibles Blog. It is definitely something different - from the sample it appears that the footnotes will directly tie passages to the Catechism. It looks like the two will complimenteach other nicely.


The Didache Bible looks like a great investment to me and I’ll be scooping one up as soon as I can.

Does anyone have any info on Ignatius Study bible (Old Testament)? I thought that was to come out in 2014 (in a single compiled volume). I thought the New Testament volume was fantastic.

Currently I’m reading through the Navarre Bible set (Old Testament) and am loving it, there are 7 hardcover editions and they are complied into groups (Minor Prophets, Major Prophets, Psalms & Songs of Solomon, etc.). There are New Testament books as well but I haven’t gotten them yet. I think I’ll likely get the single hardcover edition (complete New Testament in one) as I believe the commentary is more extensive in the large single edition.

Sorry if I veered too far off topic!


I Own two paperbacks volumes of the Navarre commentaries ad they rock! I researched them a bunch before I bought them and plan on buying the other ten paperbacks to complete the new testament series. From what I was told, the single new testament DOES NOT include all the commentary that the twelve volumes do. Its logicical when you think about it. Even with thin paper you can include twelve one inch thick volumes into a single volume without losing some of the commentary.

Its your choice but I would suggest the 12 set nt paperback series. They are great for studying.

I’m still researching which version Navarre’s old testament series I want to get.


Aaack! Thanks for the heads up on that jmisk! I re-read the book’s description and I see where I went wrong:


This hardback edition is larger (7 x 10 inches) to accommodate much more extensive commentary than in the Compact Edition. The commentary is also new. It avoids repetition between the Synoptic Gospels and pays more attention to the sense of the text. The larger trim size and more ample margin allows for easier reading and note-taking.

I did notice that there are three hardback books for the New Testament available that are organized in a similar format as the Old Testament set I mentioned above (Revelation and Hebrews and Catholic Letters; Gospels and Acts; The Letters of Saint Paul). I might go for that option since I’ll have the whole set in a consistent binding. We’ll see, I have to work through the Old Testament first :slight_smile:


You get the whole Bible in 10 hardback volumes. They are a good investment! I bought them over the course of a year so that the financial sting would not be as bad.


www.catholicbiblesblog.com. This shows the cover of the bonded leather Didache Bible, and if you click on ‘didache bible’ in the label section of the bottom of the thread, you will get the older post with the preview included.
The Didache Bible has more theological based commentary notes which is based upon the Catechism of the Catholic Church. The example also shows a apologetic insert page on baptism. This Bible uses the RSV-2CE translation. It looks like a Bible that a lot of people have been asking for on this forum!


It hasn’t come out yet as far as I am aware; last I heard was it is almost out and it should just be formatting and cohesion editing etc to go now. But again I wouldn’t get my hopes high as it was suppose to come out in 2010 then 2012 then 2014… Scott Hahn and Curtis Mitch are some busy people, though I agree can’t wait for it to come out.


I found the following update on the final completion of the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible. A single volume complete version, including the Old Testament, is now tentatively scheduled for between late 2015 and mid 2016. There are quite a few details about what the final Bible will be like at the link below:



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