Didn’t mention the gravity of sin in confession

2 months ago, I confessed a sin without knowing that I needed to mention the gravity, which makes it an objectively worse sin. I am going again soon, so do I need to reconfess this sin, or can I save it for the general confession that I plan to make in several months?

You have to confess sins in kind and number. Not sure what you mean by not mentioning the gravity.

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I mean I confessed my sin in such a general fashion that I do not believe the priest grasped it’s special severity

What does your knowledge of the sacrament and Catholicism and your conscience tell you?

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Did you lie about the sin you committed? If the priest didn’t react as you expected, it may be that you’re the one making it into more than it should be. He’s likely heard it before and you weren’t expecting that or you’re being too hard on yourself. We need to also forgive ourselves during this sacrament. Don’t fall into the trap of giving your sin too high of a place in your life that you’ve made it something special. God has moved on, and so now should you.

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We just don’t have enough information to help you here. Maybe ask your confessor over the phone.

A priest isn’t allowed to discuss a confession after the fact. It would violate the seal.

Gotcha, but OP can give a hypothetical question with more detail.

I think that Father, having heard innumerable venial and mortal sins, could evaluate it properly.


What do you mean when you say you didn’t “mention the gravity”? It’s usually fairly obvious - you dont need to say 'I killed someone/cheated on my wife/stole half a million dollars AND that’s a grave sin".

And if something is unclear to the priest, especially if it matters to the gravity of the sin or the validity of the confession, he will ask for clarification, surely?

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