Didn't confess something because thought it didn't need to be. Do I need to reconfess?!?!?!

Two weeks ago I committed calumny to the point where I considered it grave. I go to Confession every week anyways so I also confess some of my venial faults. I confessed with detail the calumny I committed but left out a detail. This confession was two saturdays ago. I even emailed the two friends I told the lie to in order to repair the damage I caused as much as possible. The calumny was exaggerated truth about someone from when we were 16-17. We are now 25. I shouldn’t have done it!!!

This past saturday I went to confession. During my examination of conscience three grave sins from my youth popped up. They involved sex, drugs, and alcohol. The little detail I forgot the previous Saturday popped up in my head but I was overwhelmed other three grave sins and seriously thought the little detail I left out was venial and didn’t need to be confessed. So I didn’t. Now I would like to.

If I honestly discerned it to be venial, do I need to reconfess the three grave(for sure) sins I mentioned this past Saturday???

From what you say.


For you were not withholding what you understood to be a mortal sin…but rather you with-held it only cause you honestly thought it was venial…

So if that detail really needs to be confessed (in reality mortal)…just mention in your next confession…

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