Didnt know what to say?


I recently had an experience with my friend and her boyfriend… they are christians and are currently going steady…
She mentioned that he was very calm and level-headed and hardly ever got frazzled… He was very proud of that and said that he could be depended on for anything but dont call on him when she got a flat tire!!
Now I was in the other car when she had to call my friend when she had a flat tire and we waited around for an hour and a half, while my friend first tried to change the tire and then we called AAA…

do you think that was appropriate of him to do that? I didnt know that he had blown her off about changing the tire? I thought the whole point of having someone in your life was so that you could depend on them more than anyone else when something went wrong!!

they have been going steady for almost 8 months now… so I dont know what to think!!

I held my tongue when he made the statement as I do not want to say anything about other people’s relationships… but I would love to hear what my friends here have to say…:smiley:


Maybe he is incompetent at changing tires?

I love my husband dearly, but it’s never a good idea to let him near my car; it will always be more broken after he touches it than it was before.

I think he should have shown some sympathy and called the AAA for her, though. :shrug:


If she has AAA, it seems like the most sensible thing would have been to call them first. Just because she has a boyfriend doesn’t mean he has to be her solution for everything. I think she should be able to solve some problems on her own.


Geesss, my dad didn’t let me drive until he knew I could change a tire, check all the fluids, and change a head light. But then I am 58, I guess times have changed :smiley:


she didnt have AAA…


My dad never did that but it doesn’t take a PhD to change a tire. The first time I was faced with that necessity I just dug out the owner’s manual to make sure I was putting the jack at the right place and then went to work. I wouldn’t call my husband to change a tire for me and we don’t have AAA where I live, so out of necessity I change my own.

I’ve never been defeated by a tire, but I have to admit that I have been defeated by a hubcap. My compressor came in handy, allowing me to keep re-inflating the tire every so often until I made it to the garage where I had the mechanic show me how to remove said hubcap.


Ah, well that does make a difference then. This is a good reminder for me…mine expired and I need to get a new membership in just my name (since I am now divorced). I think it is a good idea to either know how to change a tire or have a plan like AAA.

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