Didn't most Catholics that left Church leave over Abortion & Contracepting desire?

Would that not explain why many left for Protestant churches …that welcome such practices?

What time period are we talking about as that might help in answering the question.

Where do you get that information -

Pew Forum study…pewforum.org/Faith-in-Flux(3).aspx

Pax Christi

Reasons for Leaving Catholicism

When asked to say whether or not each of a number of specific items was a reason for leaving Catholicism,** most former Catholics say they gradually drifted away from Catholicism. Nearly three-quarters of former Catholics who are now unaffiliated (71%) say this**, as do more than** half of those who have left Catholicism for Protestantism (54%).**

Majorities of former Catholics who are** now unaffiliated also cite having stopped believing in Catholicism’s teachings overall (65%) or dissatisfaction with Catholic teachings about abortion and homosexuality (56%), and almost half (48%) cite dissatisfaction with church teachings about birth control, as reasons for leaving Catholicism. These reasons are cited less commonly by former Catholics who have become Protestant**; 50% say they stopped believing in Catholicism’s teachings, 23% say they differed with the Catholic Church on issues such as abortion and homosexuality, and** only 16% say they were unhappy with Catholic teachings on birth control.**


All that survey tells me is that most of the people asked were probably improperly catachized in their Faith.
Either that, or they wanted to sin and Holy Mother the Church said NO!!! So, they picked up their toys and went home.
In my opinion, many Catholics left the church because of a secularist lethargy in their persons. In addition, because of modern forms of contreception in the 1960’s, they could sin sexually without getting caught. After repeatedly sinning, pretty soon one is innured to other forms of sin, like not going to Mass and pretty soon, you have an ex-Catholic.
Another reason is quick and easy civil divorce. Secular influences upon couples quite often drive them apart. Selfishness on the part of both parties, as well as various modern isms conspire to destroy the Holy nature of Marriage. This, coupled with the often immaturity of those involved, lead couples to the divorce court, and the Church has little influence here. Thus, the ex-partners stop attending Church, especially when they start dating again.
In recent years, many Dioceses have tried to counter the loss of members through divorce by requireing Pre-Cana course training, etc. Unfortunately, this is often not sufficient to overcome immaturity or unrealistic expectations of the individuals involved.

Yes. Prior to 1930 there wouldn’t have been any other options :rolleyes:

Exactly !! Modern, secular man/women want their sex on their terms, not the Church’s rules, given it by God.

Starting with Anglican church in 1930’s…every Protestant church has given up prior beliefs against Contracepting & Abortion …with sole exception of the ‘non-protesting’ Catholic Church.

Luckily, some Protestant churches are re-thinking their positions. Esp. the Evangelical ecclesial churches …many who now realize the Catholic Church has continually held firm on God’s Scriptures on Life & Procreation.

I don’t like the way that the poll results combine abortion and homosexuality as reasons for people drifting away.

I would like to see that as separate reasons, not least because they are very very different concepts.

I could be wrong of course.

But of all the people I know who have definitively left the Church, most are men. Of them, most are divorced and remarried. I have heard various “reasons” given by them as to why they left the Church, ranging from how the nuns were mean in grade school to “not enough fellowshipping”. But when you get down to it, their marital status speaks more loudly to me than their ostensible reasons for leaving.

I think some Catholics leave the Church for those reason. Their politics become their religion and become militant in support for abortion and contraception because it is “freeing” or something.

I tell you what though, nothing is more freeing then being pro-life and being open to life with your spouse.

At least disagreement over divorce, contraception, etc. is a more substantial reason than nuns being mean in grade school.

If you leave a religion because someone who was part of that religion was a jerk, you were never a believer to begin with.

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