Didn't recite my sins - was my Confession valid?


I had a slightly odd experience with Confession about two weeks ago, and I was just wondering if it’s something I should worry about.
The priest I confessed to two weeks ago was one I had confessed to several times before, so he knew what kinds of sins I’m struggling with. He never actually gave me a chance to recite my sins, but just asked me if I was there to confess the “same old, same old”, and I said “Yes” because I was. It never occurred to me that, even in spite of his knowing what I was going to confess, I perhaps should’ve said my sins anyway.
I’ve been to Confession once since then with a different priest, and I asked him if I had anything to worry about with my previous Confession, and this priest said no. It’s still bothering me, just a little bit, two weeks later, so I figured I would ask here. Was there anything wrong with my Confession two weeks ago?


Beware of scrupulosity. It’s one of the devil’s best tricks.


I’m surprised a Priest mentioned your sins from another Confession. If the other Priest told you everything was ok then it was ok.


In theory they shouldn’t since once a sin has been absolved it’s as if it never existed. However, when the priest and penitent know each other well then this can end up being a little like “The Emperor’s New Clothes” - everyone knows whether it’s acknowledged or not. What really matters is that both the priest and @TheCatholicGryphon were clear about what was being confessed. Particularly when it comes to more intimate matters it can be difficult for people to name the sin, making the use of euphemisms common. So sometimes it can actually be quite helpful when a particular sin is habitual for the priest to simply ask something like “same old?”. As a final thought, priests are required to “proceed with prudence and discretion” when asking questions of penitents - particularly when it comes to sexual matters.


I’d say them anyway, just for my sake. Otherwise I’d experience a similar sense of not confessing at all


You don’t have anything to worry about.




That would be in violation of the seal of confession


Thanks for sharing. :heart:

That was a really beautiful description from Fr. Mike. :slightly_smiling_face:


OP, a second priest gave you an answer you don’t believe. What could anyone here possibly say to you? If you don’t trust the priest, how can you trust internet strangers?


Isn’t the first preist she confessed to.supposed forget her sins after she confessed so why ask if she’s there to confess the same old same old


If the priest said you are good then you are good.

I don’t want to judge but doesn’t it seem like the first priest remembered your sins and is suppose to forget them? Isn’t part of the point of confession to admit our sins out loud because it is humiliating and embarrassing which counteracts any pride we may have. People tried to make Jesus humiliated and embarrassed


If someone goes to the same priest every time and says the same sins, don’t you think he will recognize that person? Maybe just the voice repeating the same thing every time?

I think too many people sound like they think the priest is somehow at fault because he remembered the OP’s sins. I am not sure that really matters. The OP is forgiven. The priest is not breaking any seal of confession if he remembers, only if he repeats it to someone else.


Isn’t the priest saying “same old?” presumptive of the person’s sins? Maybe that’s fine, I am not sure myself but seems a bit strange


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