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Fornication is a sin. Contraception is a sin. That’s the rubric through which I approach the question. Are people committing two sins if they fornicate with condoms? It would seem that since the abortifacient (sp?) possibility is a non-issue with them that they’re moral. NO, THAT DOESN’T MITIGATE FORNICATION! They still block the procreative nature of the sexual act, but they also help reduce the spread of diseases and creating a previously non-existent soul that has the deck stacked against him/her. YES, THE OBVIOUS ANSWER IS TO NOT FORNICATE! I can’t quite wrap my brain around it and am merely soliciting feedback. Is it something simple like giving us free will even though he knows we’ll sometimes abuse it?


I don´t understand my linking and the questions above - I answered to another poster about the pill for non-contracepting reasons. Sorry when the thread derailed, but this happens when people discuss.


Everyone seems to be looking for a loophole in the seamless garment.


If it’s any consolation, I didn’t even recognize your name. Rest easy!:grinning: I was just trying to be prophylactically polite by starting a new thread that dealt more with abstract type ideas.


OH, I get it. :anguished:That linked to your post. Sorry about that. I don’t do any social media and get confused a lot!


So what is it you want to continue? The base question or a tangent. I am confused on what you want to discuss . . . Thanks


I was thinking of a tangent based off the thread. Since it dealt with abstract type stuff, I posted it in the category I thought it best belonged in. I had no idea what I was doing. I’m sorry if I offended anybody.

At this point, I’d just like to delete the question. I’ve seen some of the vitriol that flies around here. I’m clicking ignore.


Cool so maybe next time you can get it going. Good luck


No problem, I was just wondering, everything is fine :slight_smile:


Those benefits to contraception still exist even outside of fornication, so I don’t see why fornication would suddenly cause the sin of contraception to not be a sin.


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