Die Antwoord

Are you faced with this group? Honestly I like this trio as performers, but their style is very similar to conventional anti-christian mist for young hipsters, but would like to hope that through the dirty cover there hide faith, or the adjective Yolandi Visser Jehovah’s Witnesses and all just a PR?:shrug:

I listened to 2 of them but I prefer Tchaikovsky, Rimsky-Korsakov and many other classic easterners.

Bach in my favorite, but sometimes i wanna some of underground hip-hop :rolleyes:

:confused::confused::confused: The group is South-African; I do not think that is typically considered the east.

I do not think that Russian composers from a century ago form an adequate comparison in this case.

To the OP, most of their songs are satire/commentary. So the “dirty” facade is, in fact, a very real facade that is masking political and ethical commentaries, e.g. on forced male circumcision.

That is, I was wrong that they have some share of the hidden Christianity through these mocking satan lil’ bit (I do not know how to be expressed in another way)?

Just watch please: Bling ! the OP is from Ukraine, which, for me, not for Japan, is the East ! Bling !

Sorry, I do not know Ukraine composers or whether Borodin, Stravinsky and so on are from there…

Attention, I liked those hip-hopsters but 100 years from now, they will be gone…

are you an english speaker?
then, understand this: people from english speaking countries understand the lyrics but from non-english speaking do not understand most of the time. They are just saying words that mostly people do not understand let alone understand the hidden meaning.

I remember a few years ago, in my non-english speaking country, a Catholic Radio was broadcasting anglo music while I was shaving till I realized what they were broadcasting: “Legalize it!” which mean a call for the legalization of marijuana.

It was a Catholic Radio, no one cared for the lyrics…

Sure, no one compares die antwoord with the classics, I was just wanted to hear ur views about this band, and understand their “message” (if it takes place ofc)

Legalising marijuana does not have to be an anti-Christian/Catholic thing. You do know that alcohol and cigarettes are legal. Marijuana is safer than both alcohol and cigarettes.

Secondly if people don’t care for the lyrics, it’s not really a problem. Right?

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