Dies Irae chanted by the monks of the Abbey of Notre Dame

Here’s a clip (with lyrics) of the famous chant “Dies Irae” sung by the monks of the Abbey of Notre Dame.


This gives me chills…it’s so haunting, and yet beautiful!

Here’s more information on the thirteenth century chant.

that is so beautifull and makes me think of God. i remember a protestant friend telling me when she went to france and visited notre dame and heard the chant, she saw the beauty and fell how the place was spiritual, she fell the presence of God. although she is anti Catholic. [RIGHT][/RIGHT]

It is a beautiful chant and beautifully done. Although no longer used in the Requiem Mass since Vatican II, it has become the hymn for Vigils, Lauds and Vespers in the last week of Ordinary Time, so all is not lost.

Better said “not used in the OF” since the Dies Irae is still part of the EF. :wink:

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