Diferences on Mary between EO and RC


That is correct. I think you are misunderstanding me, The Orthodox Church, and the Roman Catholic Church, if you think that somehow this is contrary to what I said.

Because in response to what you say, another true statement is,

Christ is Man, and there is no salvation outside of the Church. Or Baptism is what is saving you.

Similarly the Church through pure logic, says the same for the Holy Virgin. It is also in Scripture in St. Matthew’s account in Matt 1:21. She is the means by which Christ brings Salvation.


I didn’t. You clearly said Mary was the ONLY means of salvation, and I reminded you that Christ has that role.


I think I have made the point very clear yet you continue to think that somehow Christ and the Holy Virgin are competing for this “role”. Since you list Catholic as your religion, yet you fail to see how the Holy Virgin is the only means of salvation, maybe you can explain how salvation works and the Holy Virgin’s place in this. You also continue to misunderstand me, if you really do believe what the RCC teaches, because this is a RCC teaching. I hope you understand that when we say the name “Jesus Christ”, this is only possible because He took flesh from the Virgin. Otherwise we cannot call Him this name, but rather only the Son of God or Word of God.


Since you are a believing Christian, yet you fail to admit Christ is the only means of salvation🤷🏿‍♂️


I do not fail to admit this. Christ is the only means of salvation. I think we will have to leave it here until you understand what it is the RCC and the Orthodox Church teach about Christ and the Holy Virgin Mary, and salvation.


It’s pretty clear to see that with you inserting Mary into the phrase. :roll_eyes:


I, for one, can see no difference whatsoever. Absolutely none. There, is possibly, just possibly a healthier perspective, balance, in the EO toward Mary, Jesus, God, Holy Spirit, Saints. But even that is debatable for the simple reason that every individual Christian worships his/her own way (within orthodox EO or RCC). I don’t blame the RCC itself for what some do with Mary, going a little over the top. Still it can and does happen in the RCC - doesn’t in the EO. IMHO. Still more often than not, it is the same for both, exactly, i.e. not excessive in either.


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