Diff between a child's rosary and adult

What is the difference between a child’s rosary and an adult. I was told there isn’t but the kid’s has fewer beads. How does one teach a child to pray it when there are fewer beads to use?

been teaching the rosary to children for 20 years and never heard of any difference

a rosary for a young child, under school age, should first of all be safe, made of sturdy materials, no possible choking hazard etc.

me either, ive seen childs rosaries for sale in my local catholic religious goods store and they are just the same as regular rosarys…

maybe the smaller rosary was just some kind of chaplet to a saint?

That’s what I was thinking, the smaller rosary is not a child’s but a chaplet. We sell children’s rosaries in our parish gift shop and they are usually full 5 decades but are much larger, usually wooden beads that are colorful. Chaplets only have one decade.

They’re usually considerably less expensive than adult rosaries, made of durable materials, and sometimes the beads are either sized quite small for little fingers, or quite large for little hands to be able to grasp. Of course, some of the First Communion rosaries, particularly those with sterling silver, can approach or exceed high end adult rosaries in cost.

I had a very small rock crystal and brass rosary when I was a child, I think the beads were about three millimeters. I hope I can find it at my mom’s house before she puts the house on the market. It was given to me by my godmother, who was a nun, and looked much costlier than the fake pearl beads we got from the class “first communion kit.” As I recall, the Our Father beads, the crucifix, and the Sacred Heart centerpiece were all connected to the bead chain with wrapped wire, and on the back of the crucifix was stamped the word “Belgique.” I suppose it was made in Belgium.

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